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Dilema and what to do

I have just found out that the doctor i was seeing is leaving the end of this week. My own gp is ok and i can talk to him but i like the female doctor better. The asthma nurse i see i get on with but is useless with meds etc. End of last year even after my attack she didn't put me on steroids and my asthma spirralled and i don't know whether i can trust her again.

Do i try and get a referral or do i stay put. any suggestion really appreciated. At present my asthma is stable, but out of the blue can fluctuate occasionally.

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Aaah it's rubbish when that happens!

I tend to avoid the asthma nurse - mine is ok but she doesn't know what to do with me (fair enough as no-one seems to!) I see my GP instead and that's worked for me; he's good where he can be and if not he knows when to refer.

If the one who's left is ok would you be able to try him out for a bit, see if he comes up with the goods? I say this because your asthma is stable atm - is the GP left ok with being proactive and knowing when he needs to pass on to someone more expert?

I hope this is vaguely useful. It's kind of an accident I haven't really seen the asthma nurse and is mainly because I didn't have a proper diagnosis but it's worked out quite well for me.


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