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Exercise and Stress

Hello folks,

Kinda new to this so bear with me...

My asthma has recently become less controlled than before, I also used to be able to control it by just breathing deeply and then continue running. Now though I am having to use my inhaler much more. Just wondering if any of you have any ideas about breathing exercises to help control it whilst not exercising so when I am exercising it is better.

Also have any of you noticed your asthma is worse when you are stressed. I'm sitting my A-levels at the moment and feel it is worse at the moment than it was during the cold, wet winter. Any suggestion to help with it. I hate being stuff inside, and I hate being unfit and overweight and just want to get back to the way I was when I went cross country running.

Many thanks


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Hi x-mickey-x,

I have just posted one breathing exercise on another thread entitled 'What kind of exercise?' I have find it useful, but I am not sure that it was ever intended for asthma!

All the best



i was told one by my asthma nurse:

1. sit up straight and relax

2. take a deep breath through your nose trying to use your diaphragm (she says its remarkable how little some people use thiers) and slowly out through your mouth. repeat this 10 times


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