Peak flow & Pred diary


Does anyone have a peak flow diary that lasts for longer than 3 months? I have loads of little diaries hanging around and wondered if there was possibly a year diary? I've also been asked to keep a pred diary so that the docs can see the lowest dose I can be mainained on - any suggestions on format or combining pred and peak flow in one chart?



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  • try asthma assistant on comp think there is slight charge to download now but can enter pfs and all meds on daily basis and holds info for ever i have about 18/12 at mo with all meds and dosages

  • mine goes from about december last i ordered from auk

  • Sarah,

    do you have a spreadsheet package like Excel on your computer?

    You could make your own taylor made peak flow chart and print a page for each month etc when you need it.

    You could do colums such as follows


    PF AM

    PF PM


    or you could do date along the bottom then pred amount then add on a grid with numbers going up the left hand side in 10s up to say 400.

    Have fun!



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