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Has my Asthma come back?


I was dx with asthma as a child, but then grew out of it..

I have been healthy with no major issues for years now. Though have had times of chest tightness, in cold weather, or a feeling of being unable to take deep breaths, but none of that has worried me as it was never severe and usually passed on its own.

But now I have had a cough for about 5 weeks, a dry non productive cough worse at night. As though I need to push more air out. My mum keeps saying she thinks it is an asthma cough and i should get it checked, tho I haven't botherd yet as again its not severe.

My mum and sis both have asthma.

Could it be that my asthma is coming back again after years without it?

I'm 26 now.

Thanx for reading.


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Hello Sammie,

Sorry your having symptoms again.

Please make an appointment to see your GP so they can advise.

Yes, Asthma can come back after years as though it may disapear early on, you will always have asthmatic tendancies.

Please get it sorted before it gets severe and if you have any severe problems before seeing your GP, eg unable to talk, walk, etc etc ( See the main Asthma UK web site for more info) please go to A&E and don't be afraid to make a fuss.

I hope this helps and your feeling better soon!



Hi Shortie,

I had a similar problem where I seemed to ""grow out"" of my asthma until i was 18 and it flared back up, as a child, I was lucky never to need much more then Ventolin, but partly from my own stubborn nature and the doctor failing to notice anything other than the obvious visable things such as injuries, it's now at the point of needing lots of medicines and regular a and e visits so i would urge you to go and see the doctor before your cough gets worse

hope everything goes ok


thanx for your replies.

i guess i should go get myself checked out then!

i'm just one of those people who never goes to the gp, and doesn't like to go with something thats not serious.


asthma return

I had asthma since i was 6 until 16, then nothing until 21 when it returned, get it checked with your GP so that you get good preventive treatment.


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