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occupational asthma ?

I've had problems with breathing and constant coughing day and night but cough would ease a tiny bit when I was off work i.e holidays this was from May 2011 and was given a blue inhaler Nov 2011 which really did help but since then I have I have so much time off work from coughing.I've had the Spirometry test whilst the first one wasn't conclusive, the nurse has since said that I have proven that my asthma is work related. I have had two more visits to the docs again and its is only now (this week) they have said they will now refer me to the occupational thingy at the hospital, why have they taken so long to refer me, when it was them that said right from 2011 that it looks like i've got occupational asthma.

it is only this week at work that work have put some measure in place to help me at work. ceratin areas of work i'm not allowed in and have give me a very poor face mask, saying that the face mask doesn't work... no i'll rephrase that it would work, but for the fact i cann't see what i'm doing as my glasses steam up!

Would like to know the correct steps I should be taking regarding work I don't want work letting me go on health grounds I like my job I don't like the fact that it has caused me to have asthma. I'm now on a brown steriod inhaler 2 doses x2 daily and blue as and when needed.

Cheers Cindy :-)

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