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Thought id post my story so far with my asthma/chest problems!..maybe someone can shed some more light on my experience.

About 4 months ago i noticed that every morning i had plhegm on my chest. Every morning id be coughing up some..not huge amounts but it was every morning.

Then in December i had a asthma attack..but it wasnt like a classic attack id had before. The one night my chest got tight and i had to keep taking my ventolin. Then towards the end of the night i noticed that i started to cough up lots of phlegm..then with a couple of hours my chest was clear??! day was ok..then the day after that i started to wheeze again.

I went to docs xmas eve and he told me my chest didnt sound that bad but i could have amoxxlylin (i know thats not correct spelling!) if i wanted to. I took this and my chest infection did clear...however the phlegm thing in morning was still there.

Its difficult to describe its not classic asthma wheezing, but feels like there is phlegm down back of my throat lower down, also ive noticed that my nose can become stuffed a lot. When i do cough anything up its just small amounts of white phlegm.

Anyway i went to docs again yesterday. She precribed Prednisolone, a nose spray and Cetrizine Hydrochloride. Ive also had to hand in a sample and she has told me if doesnt get any better ill have to have a chest x ray to rule anything else out.

Not only is this really getting me down but im worried to. Strange thing is thinking back ive had this exactly same time of year for last 2 years...not as bad as this though. Like many people on here ive lived with asthma all my life, but this seems to be different...i dont even know if this is asthma at all....?!


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Obviously no-one can give medical advice or a diagnosis over the internet, even if they are a healthcare professional. It sounds like your doctor thinks its allergy related judging by the meds you've been given, and from the way you describe having a stuffy nose and mucus down the back of the throat I agree. It sounds like the troublesome mucus might be a post nasal drip (mucus dripping from the back of the nasal cavity straight down the back of the throat and from there you cough it up), This could be related to nasal allergies as the fact that the mucus is white means an infection is unlikely and white or clear mucus is common in allergies. If the mucus is related to allergies then the meds you've been given should help, if not go do back to your GP for further investigation.


This sounds so much like the allergies I have - thoroughly unpleasant, but usually manageable. All I can say is keep going back to the GP until you find something that helps.



i agree, it sounds like allergy triggered asthma... if unclear, concerned, not happy, you need to go back to your GP.

hope the meds help :)

x x


Thanks for your replies. I've left it a few days to see how the drugs have worked. The Prednisoline has made a lot of difference! In the mornings my chest feels clearer.. I'm still coughing up very small bits of phlegm but my chest feels stronger so when I cough it cones up as normal rather than getting stuck.

I know I need to speak to my doc but how does Prednisoline work? Would I need to be on this a while?

Just wondering if anyone has any advice




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