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UTAG USB dog tags

Hi all,

I just thought I would let everyone know what I think of this creation. It is a dog tag (like soldiers wear for identification purposes) with the option of having your basic details engraved onto it. With very little effort this dog tag turns into a USB stick. It has a programme on it where you enter your personal and medical information. It also has a folder where you can put extra bits of info and encrypt them if you wish to keep some things private. I don't encrypt any info. I have been able to attach my personal asthma plan, my consultants contact details, a PDF information file about Portacths for if I end up in a hospital that doesn't know anything about ports.

I used to use a talisman sos but found that the information paper inside of it got wet and became difficult to read very easily.

I then moved onto a medic alert bracelet. This was an excellent service and product but a bit of a faff to alter my information.

This new toy (the dog tag) is so simple to update. You just plug it into any USB port on a computer and it will automatically install the drivers so that it can be accessed very easily. It is also very easy to update your information. You can also store a lot more information on it than anything else I have ever come across. It has a print button so that an A&E doc can click on the printer icon and as if by magic they have all of your information without the trauma of trying to speak when really breathless.

The only fault that I can pick with it is that it is a touch on the bulky side and not the most attractive piece of jewellery to wear. Other than that it is the best thing since sliced bread!!!!

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I've got one of these too...fantastic best thing I decided especially as my partner and parents forget one i'm on so its easy for them to locate and had over too. only problem I had was chain broke and trying to find suitable way to have it was difficult. I currently have it on my keys cause they're always with me untill I can think of a better option!


That's a really good idea to put it on the key ring with the house keys as they're always in my pocket. I do wear it around my neck currently but it is rather heavy and this can prove dangerous if you turn too quickly and it is not tucked under your clothes!!! I nearly inflicted a trip to the dentists upon my poor husband when i turned too quickly. Luckily it struck him on his chin. It has bruised him though!!! Maybe it should have a warning attached to it!!!


I have one of these and agree that they are great, i have mine attached to the inside of my motorbike jacket as it came with a sticker to put on my helmet to say i had one on me. Otherwise keyring or attached to my wallet.



Looks like a good idea - what a shame it's for PCs only and not compatible with other computer operating systems like Mac (OS X) and Linux.


RE: Not Suitable For Linux Or Mac

Try Get A Winows Simulator I Have Ubuntu ( Linux/GNU) And Use wine I Don't Know what You Could Use On MAC


FYI if this is the correct webby site



I have just bought 3 bog standard small USB pens for me, my son and my daughter as me and my son have asthma and my daughter has multiply medical issues including being highly allergic to cow's milk protein. I just need to buy a bog standard dog tag know with a chain. Doing it this way has worked out so much cheaper. I have made a UTAG USB dog tag for only £10. Just got to get a medical letter know for school stating that my son and daughter need to wear their USB dog tag's in school at all time or they need to be put on a nail in the class-room that is easy to get at access to incase of emergency medical attention


Working in the Nhs I know that USB devices are not to be used unless issued by the hospital it department. This is due to risks of introducing virus to hospital computer system and to stop the risks of breaching confidentiality .



Problem with USB sticks is a and e departments will not put them in there computers to get your medical details off. They class it as a virus risk!

Please do not pm me i go away and dont want a full inbox of angry replies upon my return!



bog standard, well not quite it's stainless steel so better than the cheaper ones that will rust.

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Yes, I knows it's an American site, but they are reliable. I've used them twice and really can't fault the service. Pay via PayPal


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