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praise to the hospital staff

Hi all,

i dont really know how to start this, but im gonna try so here goes....

on the 22nd June 2007, my dad who is asthmatic, (like myself and my granddad) went to his doctors, with a very tight chest, whislt in the waiting room he started having an asthmatic cough, a doctor from the surgey came out and decided to put him on the neb, (with out listening to his chest) after an hr, he was sent home with steriod tablets, by 1630, he was feeling rather bad and called himself an ambulance, by 5pm, he was intubated and in critical care, when my mum called me at 9.30pm, my dad was stable,

by 00.30 we were called in to call emmidiate family and say our good byes, how devestated was we, my dad had been amitted to critical care due to a massive asthmatic broncal attack, 2 say the least, my dad has always been a fighter, and boy did he put up a fight, he was pumped with drugs, 24/7 on all the life support machinery you could imagine, due to his fitness and age on his side (51) his heart is very healthy, and just kept pumping away, my dad defeated the docs and nurses, and 6 wks on he came home yesterday,he is still very poorly, and needs physio, daily, due to the muscle relaxing drugs he had whislt in CCU his body had become frail, within a matter of 2 wks, each day is a better one for him and we are so lucky to still have him,

Asthma is not publisised enough, and just from seeing what it done to my dad it has given me a wake up call, the senior staff nurses, staff nurses and the doctors who worked with my dad for 6 wks, could not believe how well he has done, they didnt expect to see any of this , but if it wasnt for them fighting throught the night on the 22nd June my dad wouldnt be here, so my hat goes of to Dr Stone and his team, well done!! and well done to you dad!!

On the the other hand, if my dads chest was listenend to there and then at the surgery, then mybe my dad would have been admitted to the hospital straight away and maybe he would never have been in critical care??

thank you for reading this

regards Jen x


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