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Hi, I'm new to this site so apologies if this has already been covered elsewhere. I'm writing on behalf of my boyfriend who has asthma. He seems to be most effected by household dust, and has found his nasal passages become very congested at night causing him to have trouble sleeping. He currently uses nose sprays and decongestion tablets but cannot use these long term. Nasal strips help a bit but he still has painful sinuses. This is causing him to have broken sleep all night due to the pain, and his snoring when he does drop off wakes him up and gives him a dry mouth and sore throats.

Can anyone suggest any (preferably natural) remedies or solutions that might help? Is anyone in a similar boat and found something works for them? I wondered if there is a plug-in, or in-room device that might help him?

Many thanks


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Jennie, welcome and well done you for trying to find some practical help for your BF it does sound like he is having a dreadful time.

1st how House Dust Mite (HDM) friendly is his bed and bedroom. The little critters or rather their poo love bedding. To kill the HDM's and get rid of their poo you need to wash all bedding at 60 degrees. All my duvets and covers can be washed at 60 degrees my pillows I simply replace every 6 months. You also need to take the matress off bed and hoover it well both sides then get a good quality cover from somewhere like boots. If possible replace carpet with wood floor or lino if you can't afford to replace the floor then steam cleaning will probably work for about 6 months. Also raise the bed up HDMs and their poo tend to be at their densest at roughly bed height so if you can raise the bed on blocks or something buy 6 inches that might make a difference.

Find a way to help him sleep propped up, you can buy wedges that help I find I simply fell off piles of pillows. I now have a electric adjustable bed and wood flooring I also replaced all my bedding and have a cover on my new mattress. This is a little drastic and expensive however I do sleep a lot better now, and as far as I am concerned I can't put a price on a good night sleep, I wish I had done it all earlier.

With regard to natural remedies if he can tolerate pure natural oils (you need to make sure they are the real thing and not some chemical substitute) then a couple of drops of camomile and lavender in a warm bath before bed will help, my kids swear by it! Or hops, chamomile, oats, passion flower and lavender in bag (in a muslin cloth tied with a ribbon) hung under the hot bath tap also work well. Make sure the bath is warm not boiling hot. Bananas are very soporific and a good source of potassium I have my last banana in a smoothie about an hour before bed.



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