Support in many ways from PLONKER

Just like to thank everyone on the london marathon course especaily the groups of Asthma supporters ""dotted"" around the course, they gave a hugh lift to the runners, and without them many would not had the effort to finish, also a big thank you to the runners, everyone was ""pulling together"" sharing drinks ,gels and most of importantly encourgement.

My next big thank you goes the the leg supports i was wearing.

5 weeks ago while running in the Silverstone haf Marathon i pulled my left calf, it happen around the 4th mile mark but i did hobble along and finish.

I worked hard to build the muscle up again also purchasing a mueller support.

4 days before the London Marathon i was doing some very light road work when all of a sudden my right calf ""pulled"" fearing the worst, i thought i was not going to be able to take part in the Marathon, anyway i purchased another support and wore two support on each leg (it did look funny) with these supports and a few pain killers i managed to complete the course in under 5hours.

This was my first Marathon and it certainly won't be my last.

I expect to beat my time next year and raise more monies for astham uk .

Thanks everybody...


(A.K.A) Paul Grummett

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  • Well Done Plonker!

    I had a dream last night that I ran the marathon in a Rockhopper penguin costume! LOL! More like wheezy heap of a penguin for me!


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