Doctors :@

well i've finished my steriods from the asthma attack i had last weeks so rang the doctors like they told me to and they have refused to see me cause i've said that i feel a little bit better but that my chest still feels tight and i wanted to see a doctor anyway.

it just feels like my doctors don't see asthma as something serious which is ridiculous argh :@

ok rant over :) thanks


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  • I've been given lousy advice from many a receptionist for a variety of illnesses at some of my previous GP practices, I'd love to know what makes them think they're medically qualified!

  • Don't get me started on Doctors, it has taken 9 NHS doctors and 2 NHS nurses and over 4 months to figure out that I have consolidated pneumonia with a strep viruss that has grown on it! Doctors are rubbish! I have eventually got a referral letter so I can see a Private Chest Specialist who has been a Professor in his Field for over 20 years.

  • Do you have a hospital asthma nurse who can phone and ask for an appointment on your behalf....

    I have done this before when the receptionist would not make an appointment and my asthma was bad, when the hospital asthma nurse phoned my doctors, I had a phone call back from the drs receptionist saying I had an appointment for that afternoon...

  • Hi. If the receptionist ever asks me why I want to see the Dr I tell them it is a personal issue. Frankly they have no business asking you what the issue is. They are not the gate keeper to the service. A GP can not refuse to see you unless they have a very very good reason. Don't be fobbed off!

  • I hate receptionists like that! I rang once for an appointment and was asked why I wanted to see them. I said the dr told me to come back, and it was between me and the dr. They have no right to ask that.

    Nowadays I can book appointments online which saves all that hassle.

    I hope you get to see them soon.

    P xx

  • personally I am horrifed that you get asked why you want to see a Dr!, I have never been asked that ever, I just ring up and make an appt with whichever Dr I want to see, all they ever ask is if its urgent and needs to be today or routine.


  • I have been asked (politely) in the past what it's for when all the appointments have gone. I have never ever been refused an appointment though as the surgery has a 'duty doctor' and 2 nurse practioners who can prescribe basic meds. I love the idea of making appointments online!

  • I mentioned to GP that laryngitis and accompanying cold meant I couldn't do my peak flow or breathe in seretide properly. That there's always loads of powder left in the inhaler mouthpiece even with Aerochamber Plus. She just nodded vaguely at the computer screen and said the cold would be over soon. To be fair this isn't the GP I would normally see, but its not really the answer I was expecting.

  • well my mum rang them again and demanded that i get an appointment cos i couldn't breathe properly but they said that they can't fit me in until next friday!!!!! which i can't actually believe so i went to see the emergency doctor instead and he just said to continue taking my blue inhaler 5 times a day at 2 puffs.

    but i've decided that i'm going to be ringing the doctors everyday to get an appointment but i think i might be changing doctors to one that cares....

    it's so ridiculous

  • in defence of GP


    i have certainly had my problems with GP'S thinking they know best and speaking down to me even though I'm a nurse.

    Anyway I saw a really nice GP yesterday. She listened and gave me more advice. She sort of told me off in a roundabout way. I was in work the other day not being able to complete sentences etc.but do I go to A+E no. So she basically said next time get seen there and then. I know she's right but I like to avoid A+E if I can. I guess nurses make the worse patient's. But GP yesterday has thumbs up she also said to get an appointment with duty dr anytime and not to mess with it.

  • emis and keep looking for that one good GP


    I spent a lot time venting my frustration here at my gp surgery and it took a visit to a new registrar to get that refferal I desperatly needed. I never stopped turning up - I think I spent most August at the gp surgery than I did at work.

    You really do have to do a lot of work to ensure you get the right level of health care which is not fair as your not well and ninety per cent of the time your body is exhausted from all the attacks!.

    Check if your practice has the emis online booking system that should help remove the receptionists from control when you get to see your doctor!

    Piglet, I recently had to go to an emergency clinic and the behaviour of the receptionists had me so so shocked that I've suddenly started to appreciate my lot!

  • EMIS

    Hi, EMIS is a fab service for booking docs appointments and repeats of medication. We all use it for our surgery and I've been able to book appointments for the following day late at night on more than one occasion. Best of all at ours you can see all GP/Nurses availability and choose the person you want to see rather than getting lumped with whoever is available. It's been a godsend for our daughter and her asthma. Hope your surgery has it. Medical in confidence is a fab quote to get out to nosey receptionists.

  • when I got no joy with my GP I made an appointment to see the practice nurse and got the preventer inhaler I wanted which has made such a difference in just 1 week.

  • have you a walk in centre near you? If so go and pay them a visit 'just to put your mind at rest'.

  • Finally :)

    got an appointment for this thursday i know it's a bit long since the attack but it would stop me worrying about it. chest feels better anyway so might all go ok hopefully :)

    still thinking of getting a different doctors but we'll have to see how the appointment goes

    thanks for all your messages guys


  • Amy I know the feeling very well. I changed GP's about 3 months ago know and it was the best move I have ever made. I am know able to see a doctor within 3 hours of ringing for an appointment. All I have to say is I am having a terrible time with my asthma at the moment and I have followed all the steps I can take regarding my treatment and I know need to see the doctor today. Well I am back at the doctors again tomorrow as I am no better than I was on Friday when I was put on my next course of prednisalone and amoxicilin as well as double dose on all my asthma medication.

    Keep looking for a GP that understands about asthma they are out there just very hard to find

  • Feel I've season ticket to docs. Third time this week later today. Always happens when asthma nurse says that's you, asthma well under control, see you in a year.

    Wednesday, ribs aching with coughing, up the road and see doc. Fairly dismissed as chest clear etc etc. Now can hardly walk as obviously done something to something when sneezed and coughed. Also had big puddle as couldn't get up out of chair to loo in time. Too much info, sorry.


    Feeling decrepit, walking with a stick and scared to cough. Grumpy too.

  • Grannymo, i feel for you!

    We all have to learn great patience when our asthma is out of control. It's interesting you saying it all goes pear shape whne your asthma nurse said see you in a year... Last May, i was ecstatic to be called in for a medication review as my asthma had been so controlled for 2 years.

    A week after seeing my review, my asthma went down hill and here i am over 4 months later and still out of control. Have been re-referred to a specialist but, that all takes time too doesn't it? Haven't had my asthma out of control this time of year since i was first diagnosed in my 20's (over 20 years ago) so don't know quite what is going on this year.

    Here's to things improving for both of us soon!!!

    Jac xxx

  • yes i know how you all feel about the awful doctors, my last doctor were awful, a couple of months i was unable to get out due to personal problems, i rang them saying my needed to be seem as my asthma was really bad, and they just ignored me and the receptionists never passed the message on, the receptionsits should never be so rude, try to give medical advice as they are not trained or qaulified and should never ask why you need to see the doctor as it is confidential and between you and the doctor, i only tell what the appiontment is for if i have to like if it is a jab or blood test

  • For me, the GP's I've seen seem more interested in doing tests (sats, bp, etc) than listening to whats going on. Its almost as if they think they can tell me how I feel! I find it frustrating that they listen to my chest at around midday, and assume all is well.

    I think they should be interested in listening to whats going on at 4am, or if they must rely on their tests - run surgeries at 4am!

    Am now looking for a new GP practice :)

  • re- tina know what you mean tina, i went to see asthma nurse and went to see if they were any more treatments that could help as struggling to breath everyday and will be working soon as she was mor instrested in prodding me with needles and doing a peak flow, she said it was fine at was 290, funny how it is never that good at home, and asthma can vary she should hear me at night or when walking and even doing the peak flow really hurt my chest

  • it is the same with me doctors think they know how your asthma is when your the one who has to suffer with it my doctors are ignoring my symptoms and they refuse me proper treatments because they think my asthma is mild when i get symptoms every day and cant evevn live a normal life any more HOW can that be mild ??? it is so annyoying i think you should try and find a doctor who will listen to you and your symptoms you have to persevere or you will never get the proper treatment

    Amy xxxxx

  • some gp's just think they know everything i had 1 gp say to me couldn't possibly be asthmatic as don't wheeze despite since then have had 2 itu admissions and several other admissions for chest and am now on xolair same gp told me couldn't be dairy intolerant as wasn't as a child well i know if eat any dairy products i get a very upset stomach and diff gp told me it was ob i was dairy intolerant. in regards making a gp appt i have to be gp triaged by phone and gp then decides if i can have gp appt when told what prob is. luckly i can make appt with practice nurses all of who can prescribe but normally send me in lol x

  • My new doctor is brill.He dosent look like a doc.More like a icecream man .He is realy good.He sent me for rast test and more bloods.Refured me back to heart test as test did find a problem and he wants them have another look and wire me up to treadmill to see how heart is under presure to see if adding to my asthma problem.Hes helping me come down from a high amount of Tramadol. Hes a great doc so glad hes taking care of me x

  • I count my blessings that i have a fab practice -i ring up and 99% of the time they even recognise my voice, any new staff are told about me to so when i call if its asthma /cardiac related i get told to come straight down and am seen immead iately of if its something else thats urgent i will be seen that day-ok maybe not by a dr of my preference but cant be that fussy!

    I dont see my practice nurses for my asthma as they have basically said i know more about it than they do!!!! Even the GP s noe prefer me to come straight in if i can unless i think its infection based in which case i have home antibs'.

    they are also great in seeing my kids same day as they realise the risk posed to me bymy kids when they are ill

  • amy i know how you feel, my asthma nurse and doctor are always ignoring me, as i have had mild all my life but now struggling to breath everydat despite my inhalers, i am just going to keep on at them and will ask for a refferal, some doctors are good as before i moved i had a doctors surgery right next to my flat and they were really good

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