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Menopause & Asthma

Just wondering if anyone knows anthing about how the menopause may affect asthma. I have had a bad time with my asthma since May and still have tests to do and awaiting results of CT scan. But somebody asked me yesterday if going through the menopause may be affecting my asthma. I have allergic asthma and have never noticed it being affected by my hormones before but, since February this year I have been having symptoms of the delightful menopause and now I am wondering. Will mention it to the consultant in January but, just wondering if anyone on here has experienced a problem with this.

Thanks Jac

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If you type in Menopause and asthma in the search box on the top right of this page

it will give you information about it and from what I have read it can cause asthma problems.

love Glynis xxx


Thanks Glynis,

Why didn't I think of that?!! lol




This is a topic that crops up now and again and is quite controversial still but the medical world is beginning to accept that the female menstrual cycle effects asthma but also the Perimenopause stage is something you need to consider. For many Girls their asthma tends to as a rule get worse once hit puberty and then women who once have gone through the menopause find their asthma can get better, or less erratic.

Like Glynis said, the search box is good, either top right or the one on the left half way down will search the forums.



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