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Nebuliser servicing

Hi everyone,

I am just wondering where people get their nebulisers serviced. I am just buying my own and like to be prepared ahead of time. I loan one at the moment from the hospital where I was seeing the consultant but he has just discharged me and it is nearly a 60 mile round trip to that hospital. Would I be able to ask my local hospital? When I take their one back I can ask questions there but I am too impatient to wait for then...

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Hello JF,

Firstly, the company who sold you the neb should be able to service it for you. New ones don't often need servicing more than once a year, and some generally don't need it unless you really hammer it over the year. Servicing will cost, and may include a loan machine.

Local hospitals - some may service it for you along with a loan machine. (may be a smaller charge) but they may not be able to service all makes, depending on their training.

What machine have you got and what does the guide say?

Hope this helps



Thanks for the info Kate,

I have ordered the same model as i have on loan, just a basic Medix Actineb. It hasn't arrived yet so will look at the info when it arrives. My asthma is improving weekly and I currently use it once, sometimes twice a day. I'm hoping that it will be less than once a day soon as I am relying more and more on my ventolin inhaler instead and needing less and less ventolin over time. What level is hammering? lol. I am hoping to be rarely using it by the end of the year, if not I will be buying a quieter, more mobile model.

Thanks Jac xx


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