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Today is a good day!

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to share my positive day with you.

I had my appt with the consultant, after 3 really good months (not perfect but really good) he has discharged me from his care. I am over the moon!

He hasn't confirmed or denied an asthma diagnosis (it will be interesting what he writes to the GP on that one.) He has said the low gas exchange, he believes I was born with. And that he thinks I probably had a virus as a child that has affected my lungs. That confuses me a bit as my symptoms are variable and I have had periods of normality without any medication in the past.

An interesting extra that I thought may interest everyone is that he said the new thinking is that there are 5 different types of asthma. I could have talked to him for hours as he always spends time sharing his knowledge!

Jac xx

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Always good to hear something positive. Well done. Interesting, the idea of five different types of asthma. Wouldn't mind hearing more about that.

I've had a positive day too. Went to bed early, last night, with all the symptoms of a bad cold. Today, seems to have gone, mostly. Not quite 100% yet but definitely on the way. :)


great news, interesting 5 types, wonder what they'd be called?


Excellent news! Hope things continue to go well. I just wish all consultants were as knowledgeable and aware of different types as I've so often felt shoehorned, and thought 'surely there must be more variety than they're admitting!'


Fab news jac xxx


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