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Unique Insurance, It's Unique Alright!

I need travel insurance and did a wee search on here and rang the helpline. It seemed that Unique Insurance came up quite a bit. So I filled in their online form.....

So, for me to go to America for 1 week, the quote was £390.00 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

My chin hit the ground, how the hell can they justify that!, that is more expensive than for my to insure my car fully comp travelling 30,000 miles a year!!!

Anyway, I rang insure and go, and for the same criteria their quote was £38.47 and queried if I would be covered if my normal asthma drugs didn't stop me from having an attack and they said yes - proof in the pudding and all that, but I wouldn't want to try and find out.

Message for Asthma UK, can you get together with a leading insurance company that will provide proper travel insurance for asthma suffers that is not rediculously expensive, there's enough of us so that we don't have to pay extortionate prices. If not, perhaps a change in policy and not recomend Unique Insurance atleast.

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I have had problems getting health insurance - nobody wants to cover me


Meady am on few more meds than you and get my insurance through my bank as its free and they will cover my asthma rang up b4 using it last year4 and they saud yes no probs


Ignore all the special insurance for people with medical conditions - they are a rip off and take advantage of people with medical conditions.

I used the Post Office last year , with a medical premium which was a total of £150 for a trip to the Falklands - well worth it. Other companies quoted well over £500! I have a few other companies that I can aproach eg Ecclesiastical will insure me and any others that use Fortis as their broker!



I can't get life insurance, have been turned down 3 times because of my asthma. Does any know of an insurance company that will insure brittle asthmatics please.


Hi Lois, damn! That's something I hadn't thought of and I will need to do that shortly too.


Heath Lambert was advertised in the Asthma News last year. I paid £40 for 1 wks cover for America and would have had to pay £500 excess if I were to be ill over there as I had had a hospital admission about 7 months previously. Luckily I was fine.



Does anyone know about any company that would insurance someone with asthma and other serious illnesses?



My bank can't insure me. I'm with HSBC.


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