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This was my Christmas, How Was Yours?

This is not a rant but a little story well, I say little, read it if you've nothing else better to do!, Lol.

Well, it all started on Sunday 23rd December, for one reason or another, this was the first opportunity I had to do my Christmas shopping. Off to Blue Water with my wife, saw that the OCC (Orange County Choppers off Sky) where outside of M&S, fab, had my pic taken on a chopper bike etc.

Well we got all our presents, but during the day, I was getting tired and started to feel a little groggy and had the sniffles. Not too worried as I had kept wrapped out and was determined not to get a cold over the holidays.

Anyway, over the next few days from Sunday 23rd Dec, I gradually got worse (cold wise), Christmas day came round and I felt fairly rough. I had some nice presents and was determind that I was going to treat myself and get my 40"" flat screen telly!

Well, Boxing day came round and my Asthma woke me up at 5am! Ok, so I had a cold as well which always goes to my chest. I ended up having to use my space which I could never get on with in the past however, it seemed to be working and was helping. However, I was using it more frequently and more puffs into it as the day wore on.

Eventually we went home (was staying at the inlaws who live 5mins away) the air change temp screwed my, that was it, full on big boy major attack. Major cough with a real nasty wheeze when I exhailed breath and severe lack of breath.

My Wife had to call for an ambulance who turned up very very quickly and sorted me out with a neb and oxygen. This had calmed me down slightly, but my cough was still very nasty.

We got carted off and taken to the hospital. The Doctor who treated me was not overly keen to let me go. They had tested my peak flow around three times during the period that I was there and it never went above 310 (best 540). Anyway, I eventually got let out around 2am.

Well, I've been coughinh like a trooper since, can't bloody stop and have been kept up all night, each night.

Tonight topped things off, just eating some popcorn and I swallowed some the wrong way, my belly muscles have been aching all week anyway. Well I had a real gut wrenching cough and felt something 'pop'........ I thought I'd cracked a rib.

Every time I cough, a squeeled in pain like a little piggy. So, back to A & E as i was in so much pain. Turns out that I have only pulled the muscles, but Jesus is that painful!

I'm rattling like goodun' at the mo.

Thanks for reading, I know the above doesn't seem real, but you just couldn't make it up!

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There seems to be a horrid cold going around! ( Got a cold too at the mo)

Take it easy please.

The pop in your ribs was probably one of the intercostal muscles , tendons etc rearanging itself - mine do that daily at the mo - hurts like mad!

Try a good pain killer that you can take (Not a NSAID!)



Hi Kate,

Thanks for the reply!

Am up at stupid O'clock as again I cannot sleep. This is the worst I have ever had a cough so bad that it's kept me up all night, every night. Currently trussed up on the sofa with five pillows and the spare duvet, the cat's locked in the kitchen.

I have finally had enough of the cat coming into our bedroom, it's going to be banned. I never originally believed that I had a problem with the cat, but every time I go into the bedroom to sleep, bang, I'm off on a a coughing mission. Really obvious I know but just sometimes you can't see the wood for the trees! (Not sure how well this will work as the cat was here before me although I am getting to the point where I will just go and sleep at mum and dad's, no pets, yay!)

The other good thing about being ill, is that I haven't had a fag since 27th and don't want one either! Although, i am starting to get cravings (probably a sign of getting better).

My pulled chest muscles are much much better now, been taking co-codamol for it so that's one good thing. Oh, and I'm really pleased my new telly, it's just mega!


Yule on the 22nd was utterly knackering but we al have a fabulous time. Christmas day, wonderful, quiet cos 2 of the kids did not get back until the evening, then a short burst of present opening, followed by a rather nice turkey breast and bed. Boxing Day sister (who lives in a show home) came to visit so attempted to transform chaotic family home into vaguely clean and tidy (well I directed the kids did the work) failed misserabley but there is always next year. Went to watch the football, we won managed not to go splatt even a little tiny bit. Slept for 2 days then got up and went to football again managed to have a wee moment or 2 so advised to sit with fit paramedics (hardship) and managed to watch all of that match drew 2-2.



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