Now You Can Download a Peak Flow Diary

Morning all,

I have put together a generic Peak Flow Diary in Microsoft Excel for anyone to download if they wish.

I know there are plenty out there that you can get from your Doctor, but if you're caught short this may help you. I did have a look on the internet this morning, either I didn't look very hard or I couldn't fine one I could download and print.

highlight the link below and then copy and paste into the address bar in your browser. I can upload a pdf version if you don't have excel. Then click on file > save as...

Please let me know if you found this useful or if there is any information that should be included etc etc.


EDIT (incase you miss it at the bottom):

Ok, here's the pdf version.

Final note, honest! it is designed to print out on A4 although looks huge! in IE! lol.

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  • Ok, here's the pdf version.

  • Looks great, Meady. Thanks for such a useful resource!

  • You're welcome CathBear ;)

    One thing I did notice is that the lines look very thick on the computer especially in the pdf version but it actually prints just fine.

  • perfect timing

    Thankyou - I have just realised I have used my last sheet without copying it first.

    You have saved me a real chore.


  • You're welcome Molly :)

    Thought it might be useful. More feedback would be appreciated from members whether it's good enough as it is or if it needs improvement.



  • Well done Meady, I have been playing with it and losing some of the written stuff that I don't need to include a FEV1 one too :)


    Smugger than smug thing on a smug day :)

  • Hi Bex,

    Sounds good. If you want, I can host it for you for others to use, if that's ok?

    Let me know and I'll pm you my e-mail address.

  • Sure PM your email addy


  • The version with no detial of meds used/wheeziness etc but that includes a FEV1 recordable on the same chart has now been uploaded by Meady, thank you.


  • This is very nicely done. Added to favorites.

  • Glad you like :)

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