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Does your asthma make you very tired? For me, I find it does.

I never used to get very tired each day before I was diagnosed, but now I do. A good example was today. We haven't done an awful lot, went to church (getting married) spent some time on the computer, went to the gym (a good hour) cooked dinner and now I'm really tired and breathless. It absolutely does my head in.

How do you guys fair?

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i get very tired with my asthma and seem to want to sleep more too..i also yawn more than i used to..dont no why that is..after an attack i could easily go to sleep for a few hours but when u got children u cant it a common thinf with asthmatics im still larning about asthma but all the info i have found out is so do inhalers leave a funny taste in ur mouth cuz it does me..and i get shaky sometimes is that normal..


Am also new to asthma. I find I am more tired. Hubby getting annoyed as I have been in bed by 9pm since diagnosis. Just struggle to stay up any later. Last night I managed to stay up unti midnight, but have felt really tired today. Also noted that I wake up earlier of a morning, no more lie ins for me. Because I work night I never used to get up til 830 -900 in the morning. Now I can be up at 530 when hubby goes to work, this will also be contributing to my early nights. As for the inhaler I find I get a dry mouth, so drink more, and end up frequenting the toilet alot. On the odd occasion I have noted my hands shake but not too bad.


Hi Jackiels34

I agree, I definately feel a lot more tired than I used to as well and know exactly what you mean about going to sleep for ages following an attack!

Only time a really get shaky is when I am on or just after being on a nebuliser and this is also affected by the amount of salbutamol that's put in it as well.

Never really had a funny taste in my mouth with the inhalers, but I do with the nebuliser being that it's a much higher dosage, it also makes my mouth very, very dry and I'm always very thursty afterwards.

Hi Kn1ghtleigh,

Know exactly what you mean about having to go the to loo more! as I have mentioned above, I get really thursty as well now!

Scarily enough, I have to be in bed and get up around the same times as you! lol although I don't work nights.

Actually, something else that really affects me is that, where I go to the gym, the only exercise machine that makes me wheeze badly is the rowing machine. I can use everything else with no trouble at all. Our Gym has personal trainers and I have a properly set out routine, treadmill, bike, certain weight machines and a cross-trainer - that one really works you hard!

It's a strange one, I don't know if it's body position or what withe the rowing machine, but I am steering clear of it anyway.


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