INSURANCE - Income Protection Cover & Life & Critcal Illness Cover, HELP!!!!!

I hope you guys & gals can help me out. I need Income Protection Cover and Life & Critical Illness insurance as I am buying a house. The Income Protection Cover needs to pay out £1300 per month in say 90 days.

Policy must obviously cover asthma. Can you guys give any details of any companies that might cover me, desparately need help!



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  • hi Meady,

    unfortunately if you have pre-exsting illnesses, almost all companies won't cover you for those illnesses. I asked a financial advisor about this a year or so ago and he couldn't find any that would cover me.

    If you do have any luck, let us know, but I am sorry to say it isn't very easy.


  • Thanks for your help owl, will have a good look around.

  • Hello!

    I've recently got life and critical illness cover with Bright Grey - we didn't try for income protection as it's quite expensive. I've had to pay a premium because of my asthma and it took a while to get the cover sorted due to the Drs not replying to them but we got there in the end!

    Hope this helps!


  • ON AUK last year we were told about


    lambert giving a fairer deal on travel insurance for asthmatics - I know someone that has used it several times.I was wondering if they do the type of insurance you require!

  • insurance

    Sorry about the spacing below had a coughing fit as i sent it!

    If you put insurance into above search it gives you some suggestions!!

  • Thanks for your help guys. :)

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