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INSURANCE - Income Protection Cover & Life & Critcal Illness Cover, HELP!!!!!

I hope you guys & gals can help me out. I need Income Protection Cover and Life & Critical Illness insurance as I am buying a house. The Income Protection Cover needs to pay out £1300 per month in say 90 days.

Policy must obviously cover asthma. Can you guys give any details of any companies that might cover me, desparately need help!



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hi Meady,

unfortunately if you have pre-exsting illnesses, almost all companies won't cover you for those illnesses. I asked a financial advisor about this a year or so ago and he couldn't find any that would cover me.

If you do have any luck, let us know, but I am sorry to say it isn't very easy.



Thanks for your help owl, will have a good look around.



I've recently got life and critical illness cover with Bright Grey - we didn't try for income protection as it's quite expensive. I've had to pay a premium because of my asthma and it took a while to get the cover sorted due to the Drs not replying to them but we got there in the end!

Hope this helps!



ON AUK last year we were told about


lambert giving a fairer deal on travel insurance for asthmatics - I know someone that has used it several times.I was wondering if they do the type of insurance you require!



Sorry about the spacing below had a coughing fit as i sent it!

If you put insurance into above search it gives you some suggestions!!


Thanks for your help guys. :)


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