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Travel to Thailand anyone?

Hi everyone!

I am wondering if anyone with Asthma has traveled to Thailand and how you coped with your asthma? I would like to visit my best friend in the Northern Province and I am concerned about some of reports I found on air quality in and out of Bankgok. My asthma gets triggered by air pollution and I am suspecting heat too (based on my reaction to putting the heating on at home!). I am on Symbicort 200 once a day. Asthma is relatively new for me and I am learning to cope. I am not too aware of my triggers yet but a last trip to Cairo, based on my GP advice, was an utter disaster for my asthma, hence why I am so concerned!

Any advice would be super welcome.

Happy lungs to all.....

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Hi. I've been to Thailand but few years ago before i had asthma but I was in Vietnam in 2010. Pollution same level and heat. But humidity probably worse in Thailand from what I remember. Anyway my Asthma was fantastic. Which suprised me because of pollution. Think it was heat that helped. Are you only on symbicort? If worried speak to GP take steroids and antib's with you. The locals will wear masks so you could always do that. Hope that helps. Catherine



I went to Thailand for some travels

In 2010. Also very worried before I went about asthma. Spent time in bangkok and some islands towards the border of Cambodia. didn't need to worry air pollution in Bangkok didn't bother me at all and I usually find going to London for a weekend really hard with the change in pollution levels as I come from very rural by the sea Cornwall. The heat and humidity made my asthma symptoms disappear for a lovely few weeks before returning to the uk and then comIng back! I try and take a hot humid holiday every year now.

Thailand is a fabulous place and I'd go back at the drop of a hat so I home you have a brilliant time.


Does heat and humidity affect your asthma? I went to Singapore many years ago, I know it is further south than Thailand but the heat and high humidity really affected my asthma.


Thanks everyone for your replies.

It is good to know that heat and humidity can work wonder on asthma for some people. My asthma dramatically worsened after 1month in Cairo and I ended up in Costa. I reacted I guess to the high level of pollution and dry heat despite being on steroids + seretide. There also was a lethal mix of sand particles and the burning of rice fields in the air. After that, I stayed for about 4 month by the sea side in Brittany, France and that is what brought my asthma back under control. I am generally ok in London though and only needing one dose/day of Symbicort so far.

I know that sounds mean but I do not trust my GP'S advice anymore as it is she who sent me back to Cairo (where I worked at the time) despite my protestations and the fact that my asthma was far from managed.

I guess I am trying to predict my asthma reaction based on the few things I already know. Can I expect to react to heat and humidity the way I did to dry heat? I am not sure if someone has heard of Bikram Yoga? It is a form of physical Yoga in a room heated at 40degrees, the effect is like a sauna....maybe I should try one of this class first and see how my lungs react to that?

Thank you all so much xxx


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