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Hi guys just wondering if anyone can help me? I have acute asthma and have lived with it all my life. After 2 months prednisolone treatment and a week in hospital on amonophyllin iv a few weeks ago my specialist decided to up my treatment which is alreay grade 5 to add onto my nebulisers, inhalers and tablets the bricanyl infusion. Does anyone else have the bricanyl infusion and what side affects did you get besides the shaking and heart palpatations? The infusion is fab however, I feel like im about 60 years old with aching muscles constantly like you get after a workout when you dont cool down properly and become stiff and sore, does anyone else have this and does it go away?

Also does anyone else use zolair? This is the next step.

Thanks Ange x

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Hello Ange,


I have been on s/c infusion since 1994. Initially I had Bricanyl but now use Ventolin.

Side effects, shakes, tachycardia, etc

Also sites can become a bit sore if you don't look after your skin and rotate the needles,

What type of syringe driver and infusion sets are you using?



Hi Kate

Thanks for getting back to me. Im using the McKinley pump and sof-set ultimate qr (have no idea if thats right)

Ange x


Hello Ange,

Sounds right to mee!

I have used Sof sets QR but have changed to the Sillouettes, also made by sof set people.

Probably going over to a McKinley.... meeting one on Friday.




Hi Ange,

Like you I have suffered from asthma all my life and have had various degrees of success, I have probably been on every type of med that is out there and they all have there ups and downs and side effects. I have found that you have to deal with these as best you can and its more thean trail and error to find out what works best for you.

As to aches and pains I find that when I'm having problems the chest constricts and it cause pain in the back chest and generally everywhere this noramlly leads to pred, but I try to really avoid pred but I have found that taking a pain killer can relax the chest easing the pain and aviod the need for pred, yay! Maybe this is something that could work for you?

But the best thing that I have found for my asthama is doing a an excerise regular like swimming, the best I have found however is Tai Chi as its all about breathuing and relaxation. I have now been doing Tai Chi for nearly 10 years and since I have I havent had to go to hospital, I still have problems and find it hard some days but I have managed to not go to hospital, so if you can find some outlet and exercise like this i think you would see great benifits.

I hope this helps



Thanks Kate and James.

Good luck today with the McKinley Kate, the only negative side is that its quite bulky to carry round 24/7 plus the bunbag provided would have you being arrested by the fashion police haha. I have heard that theres a smaller pump called a crono, dont know much about it except its very expensive x


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