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Take or not to take inhalers

After 10 Years, Have seen asthma nurse at local practice for the first time, This was the start of May . Have been told how and when to use inhalers (So started taking 2 twice a day of beclocmethasone & Ventolin when needed). And guess what? Improvement, Good start. (As every time i see doc with chest infection ( 2 or 3 Times a year ) i keep being told just take Brown inhaler while on antibiotics and then stop).

At start of June Back to Nurse, Peek flow better but still down, and still using ventolin between 1 and 5 times a day. So changed to seretide 50 2 x twice a day &

Ventolin 100 when needed. After a week chest pains and problems breathing, Back to doc, using ventolin 5 times a day , So change inhalers yet again now on taking seretide 125 x2 twice a day / Ventolin 100 x2 when needed, Well that seems better but having problems at present. Back to see nurse a week on tuesday.

Sorry going on a bit, Can someone tell me is it common for doc to tell you to spot taking inhalers & how long might it take to get to reasonable amount of control

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i've only had it with one of my three children. that's because his asthma is mild and usually controlled well. i am surprised to hear that with all your symptons that your doctor is not keeping you on your brwon inhaler. you seem to be taking the ventolin a lot far more than you mgith do if on the preventer (brown). maybe you need to ask for a second opinion.


Hi Spike,

I'm not an expert, but I've never heard of you being told to stop your preventer before, and only take when asthma is acute. I've always been told to take preventer (brown or purple) regularly twice a day even when I feel well, as if not, thats when you start to go down hill again, and it can take longer to get back on track. Have you tried ringing the asthma nurses at AUK for some advice before going back to your doc - just for a 2nd opinion? I'd definately try for a 2nd opinion of some sort, as that doesn't sound normal to me and goes against everything I've ever been told.

Good luck and hope you get on top of youtr asthma soon!


it is more normal to wean off becotide if you do take it. that can take 1 - 2 months. i had a few times when i took becotide for 3 months at a time when i had an infection. i have been taking it regularly for the last 6 months though this time because my asthma is totally haywire now. the aim is usually to get down to just taking serevent or if possible occasional ventolin but it sounds like you aren't well enough controlled for that yet so surprised that you were taken off becotide before you were properly controlled.


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