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Diet and nutrition


Has anyone tried changing their diet or taken supplements and seen an improvement in their asthma symptoms?

I have had asthma since I was a child. Fortunately it has been well managed with Becotide/Clenil and salbutamol but this year I have been having trouble (good peak flow and no wheezing but very breathless). I am now on Seretide 125 and had some Pred tablets recently too. I am not that keen on Seretide to be honest. I am not sure if it is causing me to overbreathe/hyperventilate at intervals during the day or if it is doing wonderful things and my asthma underneath it is dire. Ho hum

Anyway, I thought I would try to improve my diet/nutrition to see if it has any affect. I have had a look on the web and can see mention of Vitamin C, D and Magnesium possibly helping. Just wondered if anyone else has had a go?

Thanks for reading this is good to get it out of my system as my asthma is frustrating me.

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Snowdrop, I do not know of dietary benefits but have you seen anyone such as a respiratory physiotherapist or looked into hyperventilation or breathing exercises?


No I haven't seen an asthma physio but that and exercises may be worth a try as I seem to have got into a habit of breathing differently. I will take a look...thanks for that.


i had been poorly for a year coughing, lots of test later told its asthma, since then i have been trying to increase my vitamin intake i take vit c, iron, calcium and vit D, and recently been thinking about zinc, wasnt sure if it was going to help but was feeling so ill. i started to feel better for a while however not sure if it was vitamins or the fact given seretide, however when i got sick of the ritual every morning of the vitamins i then caught a cold :-( so now wondering if there is benefits to the vitamins. i know vit c obviously good for us, but read an article about the others may be beneficial in asthma but obviously im no expert and exessive vits can also be harmful so worth asking your GP or gaining expert help ( ps the iron i take was for girly reasons nothing to do with the asthma lol )


I have been given vit D and calcium for my asthma. my asthma consultant did some blood test to check my levels for these as they can affect uncontrolled asthma. Anyway they found out I was low in both and started me on them. I'm not sure if its working due to other recent health problems, they certainly help my nails be stronger.


Thanks for the information on vitamins etc. I think I will start by regularly taking a multivitamin. Interesting re the Vitamin D/Calcium. In the summer I stayed inside a fair bit as I thought the pollen may have been badly affecting me but then I would have missed out on Vitamin D from sunshine.


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