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I dont understand!!!

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Hiya, My son is 3 next week and i was told from the age of 4 months (after being admitted into hospital)(him not me lol) that he probably has asthma but he was too young to diagnose officially. He was issued with an inhaler and I was told to use as and when needed. Over the last couple of years, he has taken the inhaler every now and then, and had nebuliser treatment a couple of times when its been really bad. Last week his inhaler wasnt having an effect and he was breathless, and breathing 'from his belly'. We went to A&E and he was admitted overnight after being on oxygen, 2 lots of nebuliser, and 2 lots of steroids. We went to the Doctor Monday, and he still wouldnt offically diagnose and basically acted like he didnt know why we were there.

Yesterday he started again, and again the inhaler didnt work. Another trip to A7E and another lot of nebuliser, and we have been sent home with a prescription of more steroids. This was 4 hours ago, and he is again wheezing and struggling and saying his tummy hurts. I am giving him his inhaler every 2 hours but still no difference so I am guessing a night in hospital is on the cards again

I dont understand why no one will officially diagnose him so at least we can investigate what is triggering it etc. I know nothing about asthma apart from what I have read up on the internet so I might just be being over reactive or simple, but I dont understand why everyone is just intent on treating the attacks rather than looking into why it is happening instead?

Sorry for going on and on and on lol x

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