Asthma phone app

As I said in another post, a while ago I wrote an inhaler counter app for my own use. It's very simple, and runs on most Java-capable phones (as if you can run Java games) or Android.

Bear in mind that it's something I wrote for myself as a quick solution - it's not a commercial product and isn't supported as such. Nevertheless, I'm happy to answer any questions if you have trouble installing it.

I've got a blog post at with a link to the free download.

Hope this is of use to someone!

3 Replies

  • Hi there fraser, thanks for this, downloaded no problem to my Nokia XpressMusic.

    Only problem is I'm part way through an inhaler so for now I'll have to guess!! LOL

  • Glad it worked for you.

  • Nice and simple, works well on my Nokia.

    Those who want to monitor their asthma via a mobile and possible internet with feedback take a look here.

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