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more frequent attacks


I wanted to say thanks for the advice on my last post ""exams and asthma"" We wrote a letter into school and i have been told what i can do if i have an attack in an exam. I also got through the exam without an attack until later in the day.

I've had a lot of attacks recently and i don't understand why. I've had them more and more frequently; i had one yesterday after someone sprayed aerosol in my face during a lesson, the person was told off but it's getting annoying 'cos it doesn't have to be someone spraying it around me anymore, but just someone wearing strong stuff can set me off. I've been out of quite a few lessons 'cos of attacks this term and there's always someone who thinks they can come up with some 'clever' comment about asthma attacks and how they'd like to have it to get out of lessons, when it's really not like that. I'm already on symbicort, montelukast and salbutamol but was wondering if there are any other (safe) ways of trying to cut down the number of attacks i'm having. I know avoiding my triggers is something i could do, but it's difficult to avoid a fair amount of them at school due to kids wearing too much spray and building work going on etc..

Anyway, any ideas would be useful



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Becca the perfume issue is difficult isnt it? i know i can wear DUNE and love wearing it but other peoples perfumes set me off. I am terrible because i love my perfume and have to be reminded others cant tolerate it. When i went to my friends wedding when in devon everyone was wearing perfume i ended up having a bad attack which is unusual for me. I am normally what i call a chronic sufferer rather than acute (there is debate whether it is asthma or not). I hope the school are being sympathetic and helpful.

If you are feeling your asthma is worsening thenyou should ask your gp for a referral to a resp consultant who can advise you of other treatments available. Many people dont have a cons and miss out on better care. A consultant will probably do lots of tests and then draw you up a protocol which is just for you.

Please take care


hey becca, i know exactly what ur goin through it seems that people just dont understand and think that asthma is a great excuse to get out of lesson etc and i hat eit when people make jokes bout it it can be really hurt ful but i ave hust ad to laugh along with it otherwise i dont think i could cope, and boy do i know how hard it is when ur in school o try and avoid triggers when you have girls anfd boys!! speying perfume or sprays and know that it make u ill!!

AS for anything to do to help stop the attacks i can only suggest that u take ur relievr before going into the classroom.and ur meds are pretty much the same as mine.. what strength symbicort u on?? and i am on perd. I am in symaoathy with you and know how hard exams are when u ave asthma!! (last year i was carted off in ambulance form my eng exam!!) and i too am having these 'attacks' more regualry and feel for you

hope ur feelin ok and om if u wana chat more

katie xxx



Thanks for the replies, my school are being pretty good and i've had an apology for the aerosol incident. I'm allowed to get up and leave assembly or lessons without having to explain if i'm having an attack and have the option of sitting my exams in the SEN room or a smaller classroom. I'm on monthly review with my doctor, i'm not sure where we'll go next if the attacks continue. I'm on symbicort 100/6 4 puffs twice a day, can't drop the number of puffs down without my asthma flaring.

Thanks for the replies



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