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holland and baratt allergy testing

hi i was just wondering if any one has had an allergy test done here and if so was it any good. i need to get my 2 yr old tested as i need to know what his triggers are for his asthma ?

claire x

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Hi Clare,

You might find this interesting reading. admittedly the H & B report is from 2003 but something to think about, maybe.

Just wish I had a more positive answer.




Dr Adrian Morris gives information about allergy testing here - bbc.co.uk/health/conditions... . Commercially available 'allergy tests' and food sensitivity tests can be unreliable, which is why they are not recommended: you can end up having to exclude many foods, which in such a young child would be a concern. Also, most importantly, as well as testing a proper clinical history needs to be taken. The British Society for Allergy and Clinical Immunology, BSACI, gives a list of NHS allergy clinics at bsaci.org - click on the 'clinics' tab. The first step would be to talk to your GP about a referral to such a clinic.


Hi clare, sorry I have no advice on Holland and barrett. Have you tried asking your gp for a referal for skin prick tests? Our twins were refered by their dietitian, but it was for their eczema not asthma.

How is he now? I hope he is feeling better.


The only two allergy tests that you should be looking at are the Skin prick test and the RAST blood test. These are the most accurate that you can get. These should be done by health professionals, eg hosp, allergy clinic etc so they can interpret and advise on the results.

Many of the high st ones are very hit and miss. One test showed different resultys three times for the same person. High st stores are not in a possition to advise on what to avoid and could seriously compromise your health if you cut out many food stuffs without the input from a dietitian.

For children, please seek advice from your GP.



...not to mention the fact that these would only highlight the triggers of allergic asthma. Allergies might not be (and probably aren't) his only triggers.

Daft as it sounds, close observation of what he has been doing immediately prior to any asthma exacerbations is one surprisingly effective way of getting an idea of what some triggers might be.


I had there test a few years ago and it was pointless. As what your brain is thinking dictates the results not quite sure how but it does apparently. Not worth the money. Keep a food diary and a health diary far better way. I personally have not found any reilable allergy tests i have found mine all by trial and error.


hi thanks for all of your replys i think i am just goona keep a close eye on what he is doing and what he his eating i dont really want to waste £50 if im not gonna get any answers . really appretiate all of your comments thankyou

claire x


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