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Newbie .... Hello

Hi , I found this website after a depressing chat with a Dr and I thought there must be help out there ! I was on various different tablets for my heart for approx 15 years but a chance comment made by a Dr when in for another problem she commented about the cough I had and said it was a side effect of the Sotalol I was on , she took me off it and the cough improved but not quite , so I went back and was told I had asthma symptoms and was put on Sybicort and Singulair . I assumed that it would clear it up and I would be back to normal but the Dr says that Ive got it now and thats it ... if it hadnt cleared up within a couple of months after coming off the Sotalol then .. too late ... :0(

Any suggestions for any thing I can do to improve it ? Im very active ( I work with horses ) but the struggle for breath and coughing does slow me down , Ive never smoked and I dont drink at all .

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Hi beej and welcome!

That does sound depressing. I would suggest maybe seeing another doctor if you can? There is no point the doctor saying you have asthma and then not really helping, and it may be you need different medication if you're still struggling, though it will also help if you can work out what your triggers are (hopefully not horses, but could be exercise and cold air?). It's often trial and error with medication though and you have to keep going back to the doctor and telling them how it's going - so you need someone who will be helpful, listen and not make you feel like there's nothing you can do.

On that note it may also be worth ringing the asthma nurses on here (number top right) - I've generally found them very good and very helpful.


Thank you , I doubt its the horses as Ive had them all my life and this only came up once Id gone onto to Sotalol . The exercise and cold air dont help but its the same in the summer ( Ha .... what summer !!!) its deff as soon as I start doing something ... moving bales , walking briskly ... through mud ... up hill , which was never a problem .. even last year . Its just gone down hill in the last year . My peak flow was 80 , so depressing when the scale goes up to 800 or so !!!


The scale does go up to 800, but that's for people with whacking great lung capacity & muscles to match. My boyfriend had a huff on my PF meter, and blew off the scale... He's 6"" 4', and broad chested!

So yes, don't be disheartened by not having heaps of puff, the important thing is to fibd your healthy level, and learn how to stay there.

Best wishes,



I wish I knew what my peak flow was before all this problem started ! I was a big competitive swimmer , played hockey , lacrosse and shinty and singing ... boy did I sing but couldnt run to save my life now and hold a note .... no ... no power behind it and just run out of puff ! :0(

I think afew phone calls are in order ... Thank you for your replies ... its given me a boost !


Deffo try the helpsheet on site, can be very useful!!


Hi. Welcome to the forum. My own diagnosis came out of the blue and doc wasn't helpful. Googled asthma and felt I'd a life sentence. Fortunately I also found this site, lots of helpful info, could call or email asthma nurses. Life looked suddenly ok. I've made some firm friends on this site. Hope you do too.

BTW, some triggers are odd ones eg someone brushing dust off the patio or driving under the flight path a couple of miles away from the airport - due to planes dumping excess fuel, I presume.

You just have to keep going back to the doc until either find an inhaler that works for you or change your doc if you can.

Best wishes.


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