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Anti Allergy they really work????

Dear All

My GP recommeded i look into purchasing anti allergy bedding and a new anti allergy matress. He recommeded i visit a website called the ""fine bedding company"" i visited the site and found out how expensive it i decided to do some digging. After doing a bit of research, some in favour of these kinds of produts,and some saying they make little or no difference, i am now more confused than before.

i am all for buying into this, if it will make a significant difference to my ashtma, however any advice or peoples experiences would be extremely welcome.


Ria. x

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Hi ria,

my mam has severe dust allergies and got allergen free bedding years ago. Make sure that it's the right thing, the mattress cover has to go all the way round the mattress and is then zipped up. My mam says it makes a huge difference and when she sleeps in a hotel she wakes up with swollen eyes and stuffed nose(luckily the asthma jumped her generation)

hope it works for you.

Love Lydia x


I would shop around before you decide. Look at Allergy UK website for better recomendations / approved products.

Boots the chemist do a really good range... I think they still do it.

Anyway, look for total enclosure stuff - eg zips,

Breathability. Mine looks like very thin gortex (breathable fabric)

Washes at 60 degrees.

Before you pop the matress cover on - vaccuum it thoroughly to remove as many mites & mite poo as possible. (Or cover a new matress like I did)

Pillows, covers with zips, and also renew pillows frequently - I do yearly. others more or less frequently.

Duvet covers - can be a bit like sleeping under a crisp packet if they are stiff covers.

Don't make the bed! leave the duvet flung back to air the bed every day- the mites like nice dark & warm places, not streaming sunshine!

Wash all bedding weekly at 60 dgrees if poss. (I don't but then I iron it all!)

Some people think allergy proof covers don't work but they are probably not actually allergic to the mites. May be worth getting allergy tested for dust mites - Skin prick test or the RAST blood test are the most reliable. (but even they can come back a false positive...)

Hope this helps



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