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Feeling Stressed

hey peeps!

how r we all? am feeling pretty stressed at mo. i'm 3 months into my 6 month probationary in my new job. its being going fab - sooo much better, nicer than working for tesco. the problem is i have had a really bad week health wise this week.

I missed a docs appointment on mon as i was quite busy and lost track of time, thursday i took an asthma attack on my way to work but got there and was fine, then in the afternoon i took an attack went away and sorted myself and went straight back to work an then the same happened this afternoon. i think it is due to hay fver season to be honest but am going to my doc on tue as normally my meds need to change a few months in but i'm really worried i've ruined my chances of getting kept on and i am so worried i'm panicking ad bringing my asthma on - am i being totally irrational?

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