Just feel like chatting, am a little stressed

I actually feel like screaming after the day i've had today but i'm worried if i do i might deafen one of you lot so i better not.

I've had such abizzare, confusing day. My asthma has been playing up since i got up this morning. It got quite bad at one stage this morning and i took an attack at work and was even sick during it - is this normal? I'm also stressed about the fact i took an attack at my new work although it was dealt with better than it would have in the last place.

I got over it and felt okay but as time went on i got more wheezy and tight chested to the fact i know i couldn't go on, i oculd not think straight, i had taking a lot of my inhalor and i knew i needed help but i had it in my head i couldn't cause a drama at my work so i jut said i needed to go home sick. (i should of been honest and said i needed to go to hospital but i did not want to be seen as a nuisance.)

I then decided to try and go to the nearest taxi rank but struggled so much i was lucky a nice policeman came to help me and got me an ambulance - i will admit though i was making myself a lot worse by panicking.

The hospital were fine, they spoke to my GP and advised to double my symbicort, as well and have put me back on singlair, another antihitamine (citerazine) plus giving me medication for anxiety. They' said they thought it was brought on by a mixture of me having a cold, my hay fever and being anxious. I find this all really bizzare .. .....can anyone comment on it?

I asked when they think i should be going back to work and they said when i feel okay and i on't know if that means i'm okay to back tomorrow as obvioulsy a few weeks into a new job i don't really want to be off sick but i don't know how fast these medications will work and i do not know if i will take another asthma attack . . . . . . i could be completely fine tomorrow or i may not. I asked at the hospital about being sick and they said it wasn't related but i was coughing and wheezing when i was sick so i think it was part of my asthma attack.

I just don't know what i shoul be doing, i phoned my gp and got an appointment for thursday with the asthma nurse and with the doctor but i don't know if i should be working or not, if i'm likely to take another attack or not, if i'm likely to get side affects.

I do think i am quite stressed at the moment and i'm worried being in a new job but my employer is a lot better than the last one but i could go in and be fine, go in and fall ill, or i could stay at home and be fine or stay at home and be ill. i don't know (although i'm seeing where the anxiety is coming into this when i'm writing.)

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  • Hi Laurenjayne

    Hope you are feeling better, It is not that uncommon to actually be sick when you are coughing alot, I have a friend who experiences this quite alot and it is just part of her asthma. But if it happens again it might be worth going back to your doctor just to make sure nothing else is going on.

    and with regards to going back to work, you should only go back when you feel that you are well enough to return to work. I know it can be really hard especially in a new job, but your health is more important and if your work already know how bad your asthma is I'm sure they will understand, anyway best wishis


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