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Can anyone can give me any advice for applying for jobs? Obviousy for the interview stage of jobs you need to fill out medical questionnaires and forms about absence etc and obviously mine will look rather bad (although my doc says work is making me il) but i'm not sure how i can get this accross and explain that the jobs I am applying for are probably suitable where the on e i am currently employed in is not.

does anyone have any idea?


L x

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I think you should just be honest, I once applied for a job after just comming out of hospital for my asthma and I explained my situation regarding my health and they were really understanding. as long as you

explain everything to them I'm sure they will be fine. I wouldn't go into to much detail about tesco if I was you, I think it is best to leave the bad experience you had in the past and look forward to the fresh start you deserve.

I wish you all the best

lejaya x


Try going into your local Job Centre Plus - they have people who can advise on interviews, forms, ilness ( back to work advisors I think they are called - usually advise people coming off incapacity benefit)


thanx for that hun.

I'm just really worried about them looking at my absence history and thinking no straight out. Don't know if i should just say i have been moved to an unsuitable apartment and think its best i leave to do a job i am capable off.

I really don't know what to do - its worying me now - arghhh!!!!



Thanx for that Kate - i'll try that!



I have been in this situation many times before and if you pm me I can explain things in more detail, but eiher way try not to worrry to much I know it's hard but I'm sure you will do just fine xxx


HI LaurenJayne,

I am in a similar position to you at the moment - I have a job interview on Tuesday for the job of my dreams, but I am worried that they will look at my sickness and think 'no way!'. I think from reading through this post that I will follow the advice and try and explain and just be honest - and hope for the best, if its meant to be etc..

Good luck with your job interviews.

Sarah x


Good luck Sarah!

Whats the job your getting interviewed for? you have to let me know how you get on!

Its hard to explain, the problem i have is i need to fill in a form stating my absence for the past two years but a form is so differrent from explaining so i just don't know how it will work etc

I so wish i could get a job though as i so don't want to go back to tesco and the way things are going i'll be back there in just over a week

Lauren xx


Is there a number provided for informal enquiries about the job? If it was me I'd be inclined to call them up & have a chat.


I had the interview today and they did comment on my attendance is it is over there cut off but i explained on the form why and gave a reasoning why and they said it is technically counted as a long term illness so they can not not discriminate againt it - which is good.

After the interview i went along to a job fair - i spoke to careers scotland who gave me some advice and have encouraged me to go into there office to speak to them and they can give me advice on this situation and support and help to find work. I also spoke to a few employers who encouraged me to apply saying they can not discriminate - so things are looking a little up!



Just a rant and some stuff i need off my chest - got a rejection today - phoned asking for feedback and told it was my attendnce they were not happy with.

Am so guttted as i wanted this new job so much as i can't afford to live on my sick pay but can't go back to tesco so its a bit of a disaster.

I was positive about it and honest, the girl at careers scotland has suggested i lie slightly about my attendance but i can't as all financial/insurance companys contact previous employers over five years so technically i'm not going to get something for the next five years and its so stressful.


Job Offer

I've been offerdd a job pending references!

Keep your fingers crossed for me please!

Its a company called the security watchdog that is checking hem all out - any idea how long that lasts?



Hi, laurenjayne,

I hope your stress levels are finally settling down now that you have had an offer of a better job. Keep focused on yourself and hopefuly you will feel better soon.

Good Luck. x x


I am still quite stressed - it is pending references so i am awaiting confirmation and i'm just worried tesco will give me a bad reference.


A work place can't give you a bad reference, thats illegal, they can write very little but not actually say anything bad. Usually within big companies it will be the personnel dept that writes the reference so as not to be biased (Well thats what happens at sainsburys anyway) who knows you might be pleasently surprised :o)

*fingers crossed for you*



That's good news Laurenjayne.

All possible parts crossed for you and waiting.



I think i am more stressed than normal waiting on my references coming back. Tesco use a head office and give a basic employment reference rather than putting anything personal in it but what worries me is my asthma history looking really bad in it - i'm sure it won't but i am worried what they will say about it.


That's good to hear that asthma is counted as a long term illness and can't be discriminated against as I am hoping to look for work over the next year and I'm paranoid about those medical forms due to my asthma and my mental health problems.

I may pop in to my local careers scotland office too.

I hope it all works out for you.


how to tell people and what to tell them

WEll after following all the advice i am due to start my new job. its actually really scary. as much as tesco mucked me around i felt comfortable that my collegues were there to support me but i will no longer have this.

when starting how should i approach the subject of what to do if something happens


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