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bad day

had such a bad day today i just hope the weekend gets better.

I took an asthma attack yeserday, used spacer etc and itworked no prob felt a bit dodgy for a bit but was ok.

Fel pretty rotten all day today and was puffing loads, had an attack while at work that was bad for me, i got someone to phone my GP who told me to go in and see asthma nurse. She was shocked at how quickly i've got through my last inhalors so has put me on a stronger version of symbicort, gave me more salamol etc and is arrangine for me to go on a breathing workshop. i don't understand how i have got so bad agaon as nothing has changed so i don't get why i need a stronger inhalor, in a way it was good to see nurse (and GP) when i was like that so they could understand more how i get but i do everything so carefully that my asthma should be controlled

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sorry to hear that but you're having a bad day today but good ones will follow

don't suppose the high humidity and pollen count are helping you

it's sounds scary but as you say it may be a good thing the nurse and GP have seen you like this and they sound as though they are trying to get your symptoms under control - tomorrow is another day and I hope the start of you feeling better again!

what's a breathing workshop?


i'm not sure they explained that it woul go over breathing techniques, inhalor techniques etc. she's going to give me more details next week.

i just hope more symbicort works, i'm worried as they think i'm using to much reliever - what if they refuse a prescription and i don't have any? that really scares me.



laurenjayne don't forget various things can affect your asthma and since you have just been through a diff few weeks as well that may not have helped also the weather is a pain at the mo. like you i have just been changed almost 2 weeks ago onto symbicort but had to up it last monday after spoke to asthma nurse following another night in a and e. feel bit better with more symbicort but pfs still naf so got appt with asthma nurse mon and have already been ewarned that if pfs no better will mean pred. Ask tks bout breathing workshop sounds tho it may be similar idea to pulmnary rehabiltation.

Good luck and take it easy.

big hugs kath xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

ps as for reliever i need 1 a week at mo and asthma nurse said if need it then need it. if there is a prob am sure they would ask for you to make an appt rather than just not issue a reapeat.


thanks Kathrine, i'm actually worried about my stronger symbicort - i think the nurse has calculated it wrong i've went from 200/6 to 400/12 but instead of 2 puffs twice a day (4 if using blue inhalor) its one twice a day two if using blue inhalor - unless i'm really stupid that is the same amount - i'm really confused just now

I've also ben told to worry and panic less when i experience my symptoms- its all fair seeing that but obviously as soon as i have difficulty in breathing i will worry and panic.

i took today off work but i'm going back in tomorrow which i'm worried about - i'd rather have an attack at home in my own teritory.

still feel pretty rotten but i'm also pretty choked up and my sinuses are all sore and blocked so i'm maybe heading for an illness - argh. i'll prob get the sack if i need to be off sick.



Really silly question I expect, but what is symbicort?!

Emz x


its a combination steroid and long acting inhaler


have decided am going to join you had a bad day in wrk today have run self ragged from minute steped in door at 8.10 this am till i left at 5.20pm. started with hv ringing in sick so tried to find notes so someone else cud cancel visits then needed to get cover for clinic at gp's then got phone call re CP issue then had appt with asthma nurse cause struggling did pf got 130 but cause sats ok got course of pred to take if need be. when asked when should take them was told i should know chest better than anyone so still don't know when should start a course of pred. now chest tight and got headache and had enough of today. hope tomorrow is better.


Tell me about bad days? Had bad nite so really tired to start, then found what thought was hayfever gerring worse turned to chest infection, cant get appt with gp, asthma nurse phoned about order for stes fro sub cut, said didnt like sound off me! charming!! need anti bs? then mum only got home at 8am been flying through nite so really whacked got us as fellaa coming measure bathroom for quote to take bath out and replace with large accessable shower for me? was due at 2 phoned at 1.30 gonna be 3? mum n me not impressed? we waited till 4 no sighn now really cheesed off so went out see me neice for birthday, Got home answer machine mesage no sorry just we did say would be late? not good way conduct buisness as dad told em so am basically bugger off dont want ya!!! arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

ok rant over hope can sleep as whacked.

love Andrea xx

oh and over slept chiropody appt and got infection toe now!!!!!!!!


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