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After quite a few incidents in the past two months at my work they have decided they would prefer if i am having an asthma attack which means i can not do my work and need to sit out they would like a first-aider to sit with me. I am happy with this from the fact, rather than people wondering where i am they will knowa dn know someone is with me incase i get into difficulty which i have experienced and was really scary, i felt i couldn't moveand did not know what to do as i could not control it but luckily after what seemed like forever someone had noticed i was missing (I do think i am lucky i have lots of understanding collegues and not many who i really want to shout at times but ye there is a few!)

I am guessing they mean moderate to severe attacks as mild ones i try and sit at my desk and look ike i am working.

They have have also said they want each first-aider to approach me so they know how i deal with my attacks as obviously i'm the expert and know more than them which is fine. But i don't know what to say.

I do occassionally (bizzare as it sounds) like to sit the wrong way on the chair so i can lean forward and also be supported. Obviously i carry my spacer and my inhalers and if i can't use breathe well enough to use my easi-breathe i then go on and use my MDI with Aerochamber which is (nearly) always close to hand. I just breathe through it and see how it goes so i don't know what to say to them?

Does anyone have any tips? I think i do have a routine thats like i go into auto-pilot so i don't know how i deal with it i just do.

How do you all deal with your attacks?

sorry for the long and winded story!


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At work I have a written protocol pinned on the board above my desk with what to do If I splat !

Perhaps you could do this, or write something down that you are happy for the first aiders to have. eg what works, what doesn't, how you like to sit etc. and what to do if all else fails eg 999. AUK do have posters for the work place too.

If you are having a mild attack you could ask them to keep an eye on you and if having problems they could be nearer to be of help if needed.

Even if the attack is mild, make srue someone knows where you are or can see uoi!

My colleages ask if I am OK then get on with things, unless I ask that I need help or look like I am struggling etc. Most are used to me hoiking out my neb but panic when they see an epipen! (Ihave taught lots of peeps how it works now)

Give them some info on asthma - with FAW they cover the basics and if the FAs at your work haven't encountered asthma before they may be over protective.

Education is good and helps people stay in cotrol

Hope this helps


thanks for that Kate, thats a really good idea.

what kind of thing do you have written on it?

I just really don't know what o say to them.

My work do know when its more serious than normal - if its bad they can hear it as i'll be really noisy during a bad attack.

In my experience nearly all of the firt-aiders have dealt with me and they are all fine as they know it happens a lot so they just try to keep an eye me, re assure me as they know that i know what i'm doing but i sometimes forget this and panic completely - its then i feel sorry for them as i can be almost hysterical.


details should be as on your Personal acytion plan.



usual reliever & spacer if used.

how many puffs usually & how many in an emergency eg 10 via a spacer.

syptoms of deterioration

when to dial 999



yeah thats a good idea, it is bizzare though as i do have a way of dealing with them but its like o auto-pilot and i don't think what i'm doing - i'm so used to it that i just breathe with my inhalor and spacer till its over or till i ask for an ambulance etc.


This totally didn't work today - i was coughing and wheezed once and they ended up calling a first-aider. i can undersand why but i do not want people taking away form there job unless i am in a bad way - i do cough like crazy but i know when it has got too far in a way and today i was walking around completeing my job. argh


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