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Dry mouth/lips

HEy peeps

During Asthma attacks I am used to having a very dry mouth after them - I don't actually know what causes it, if it is to do with my breathing, my spacer (it has a mask on it), or if its the inhalor in general - does anyone know?

I took two fairly bad attacks last week at work (surprise, surprise) and since yesterdays my lips have been so sore as well, so dry and no amount of lip balms etc seem to be working. does anyone know if this could be connected at all?

Laurenjayne xx

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hi laurenjayne

not to sure as still as Learner on this asthma thing but i do know that since first attack in DEc I have never been dry in throat and mouth and have never drunk so much (usually tea! as water makes me sick). i wonder if mouth breathing is doing it, do you find yourself mouth breathing a lot, especially in this cold, windy weather, i do try to breath in thru nose and out thru mouth but old habits die hard when walking. also my skin really dry at mo (have ezcema) so whether its all weather related, not sure. had a few good tips from here, to suck sweets etc.

hope that you find something that works for you soon.



Hi there, I also have had really dry lips recently which I normally never suffer from. They are getting so dry, to the point where they are cracking and starting to bleed. Possibly it's from my central heating which is on full blast constantly or from steroid inhalers?


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