ages ago i asked about cat allergies. i was tested and was told i had no allergy so i got my cats which i have had no problems with - just as long as i do simple things like keep them away from my bed. people are amazed by this as say someone with my asthma it is so surprising - i honestly have no problems near them. I have had dogs my entire life up to this point with no problem.

do all asthmatics have problems with pets or can i be rwally bad and have some severe attacks yet totally not be allergic to cats or dogs.

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  • i get problems when im around most animals, although im not allergic to them. I have been tested. It's odd

  • I have had dogs most of my life and I know I am alergic to dog hair, but as long as the hairs are hovered up every day I have never had a big problem.

    The dog has even learnt to alert my family if I am having an attack and then will stay out of my room till I have recovered.

    Also for some reason I was actually worse the 3 years I did not have a dog.

    perhaps it was becuase the dog made me go for long walks and would sulk if I did not take him.

  • I'm only allergic to cats. Luckily i'm ok with dogs & horses, good job really cos i'm a riding instructor & i've got 3 border collies!! Short haired dogs make the soft areas of my skin abit sore & itchy.

  • I'm allergic to pretty much all animals ... though I have to say that I haven't tested whether or not I'm allergic to tortoises. However, I have a cat all the same. My cons says that I'm stupid for this, but as I see it, he's good for my mental health (which has had it's challenges in past years), and seeing as I'm ill without him I may as well be ill with him and have his company and love >^..^< If I avoided everything that I was allergic to I'd live in a bubble and probably turn out to be allergic to whatever the bubble was made from.

  • Cats. I hate them. All should be exterminated.

    My allergy to cats is getting worse and the last test I had at The Brompton, the Nurse called others in to see the reaction and said it was the most severe they had ever seen.

  • Evil Felines

    Cats. I hate them. All should be exterminated.

    My allergy to cats is getting worse and the last test I had at The Brompton, the Nurse called others in to see the reaction and said it was the most severe they had ever seen.

  • Can understand your dislike if they make you unwell but exterminating them is a bit extreme ! Cats can and do bring alot of happiness to people as well.

    My son is severly allergic to horses but I wouldnt suggest shooting them all !

  • .......Noooooo definitely not exterminate any cat! Farmers wouldn't be very pleased, and the rat problem in big cities is even worse!

    I LOOOOOVE all cats, big ( cheetahs are my fave big cat) and little, posh and not, even though I have a life threatening allergy towards them. My gorgeous cats are now adopted. Still experiencing symptomatic ….symptoms in house even though we have totally redecorated, put down hard floors, few curtains etc boring etc. Been told by allergy know- it- alls that cat dander can remain in the house for up to SEVEN years after cats have gone despite taking drastic measures.

    So could be similar for other pets, to include dogs and especially birds if you have a sensitivity towards them. Or perhaps they – pets that is – could act as a final trigger re uncontrolled asthma if you are already experiencing lack of symptom control for other known triggers?


  • Keep Cats on the owners on property.

    If cat owners can't keep them out of my garden, I should be allowed to exterminate the evil creatures.

  • I think that may be a bit far Gorn Fishin'!

    What would happen if everyone requested their allergic triggers were exterminated?

    A - No Fried Eggs or battered fish

    B - No wheat for bread ( an all other plants) cos of the pollen .... Oh and we banned all the bees cause they sting ... so no fruit because we have no pollinators!

    I am severely anaphylactic to eggs but I don't worry too much about going to a restaurant that serves eggs.

    I too am allergic to cats and don't like them fertilising the garden. Cats can be taught easily to stay out of your garden with the aid of a little propelled water or even a cat scarer - Yes they work - Mum has one and a pooh free garden!

    There is a well trained cat next door - as soon as it sees me at the back door it is doing the high jump over the fence! LOL!


  • Gorn Fishin, Whilst I accept that everyone is allowed an opinion, I have to say that I find the verocity of your posts on this subject quite disturbing. They also hold no sympathy for those of us who love and care about our pets, and I would urge you to think about the younger reader of these boards who may be deeply upset by your suggestions and attitudes.

  • BeckyG says it far more eloquently that I could. Judging by the tone of your previous postings, GornFishing, I hope they're at least a little tongue-in-cheek; if not please moderate your posts a little. Whilst I hate it when people smoke around me, I'm not about to suggest we exterminate all smokers.



  • CathBear, I do find bating the best way of getting responses to difficult subjects and, of course, I do not wish any creature unnecessary suffering. I do have a 55 metre long garden and have three ultra sonic scarer's plus liberal sprinkling of pepper dust to keep the obnoxious creatures out. However, I do have a neighbour whose cat is a evil bird killer who I do take aggressive action against.

  • Gornfishing, whilst I recognise your viewpoint that bating is a good way of eliciting responses, may I respectfully suggest that it's also more likely to upset message board users? *DE*bating, however, is another matter. ;-)

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