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Nightshift working and Asthma


I was wondering if anyone know if asthma was affected by working nightshift? (Tesco have offered me a job on the nightshift after all the trouble with my foot - that or no job. but i don't know if i sould go for it, my family are saying no way with your asthma, i know my asthma is bad at night but don't know if its related to sleeping etc. does anyone ave any idea's?

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what department is it on?

i found mine was o.k on night shift as to your body that its day time.

night shift do suit some people betters than others

is your triggers cold air

because of the tempeture drops in the warehouse and cooridoors and loading bays

1 advantage you will be sleeping in the day when the air is warmer

you need to think about how you travel to work

hope this is some food for thought

you can pm if you want to

big hugs



Hi Laurenjayne,

I would say it hugely depends on your asthma, whether you can tolerate night shift working. I always found it incredibly difficult, as I have a pronounced 'morning dip' at around 4am, and being up and walking around at 4am often proved too much. Even when my asthma was reasonably well controlled, I have never managed to get through a week of nights without going onto oral steroids.

Don't forget, as well, that working nights affects all sorts of things, as well as just asthma, and that night shift workers have been generally shown in studies to have more health problems than day shift workers. It is often difficult to sleep during the day and sleep can be of a poorer quality; poor appetite, nausea and low mood can also be problems.

Everyone is different, though, and a few of my ex-colleagues actually used to enjoy working on the night shift. It may be that you will not have any problems - but it is difficult to predict.

I am not sure that your employers can tell you that it's night shifts or no job, especially if it's likely to affect your health. You may want to consult the Citizen's Advice Bureau about that one.

Hope this helps

Em H



I work night shifts on a pretty regular basis and I personally find it a lot better for my symptoms-I do occassionally have a ""dip"" in the 4-5am period ,but I just have a couple of relief blasts and I am ok-my symptoms are usually a lot worse on morning shifts-there is always cleaning chemicals about on ""days""-I should point out that I dont work at Tesco by the way.


After a week of nights i am debating if its good or bad.

Part of me feels more relaxed which is a bonus but thursday i was a bit tight chested and wheezy. I have not felt right since and i don't know if its related to nights and my mixed up sleep patterns or what. arghh.


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