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Is this normal?

Hey peeps,

Am new to here and was wondering if anyone has similar problems to me. My Asthma has over the past six months went steadily downhill and i am now getting fairly worried about it as its been under control for years. I've started having attacks every few days or sometimes several in a day which i know is not normal. My peak flows are about 150 in the morning and are back at 250-300 at the evening which i;ve been told is fine. I take beclametasone preventer, Severent long acting reliever and salbutamol and have a spacer to use during attacks - which is a bit daunting when i am used to only really using my preventer. With all this i just don't seem to be improving but keep getting told to persevere but its been 2 months. is anyone else like this or can they t4ell me if this is normal i'm finding it slightly diffuicult to deal with.



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Hi Lauren,

I'd strongly advise you to book an appointment with your GP or your asthma nurse within the next few days. Take a copy of what you've written down here for reference if you need to if you find that easier than trying to describe your symptoms.

From what you are describing your asthma is uncontrolled at the moment, for whatever reason. Your peak flows are low in the morning compared to the evening and you are having lots of symptoms.

Please make an appointment to discuss this, and point out that you have been persevering with your current management but that it has made no difference.

How much preventer are you taking at the moment?




I'm currently taking 400mcg morning and night - and thats doubledfrom what i've been on.

I'm going back to see the Nurse next week but they seem happy with me yet i feel its to serious for them to be happy with me. i don't know if i'm worrying over nothing or if i should be worried.


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