Bad Day

Hey peeps

Sorry but i need to have a bit of a rant - what a horrible day i've had - Been coughing and wheezing a fair bit - not like a full blown attack but just often and i can't work out why - arghh! Its getting really annoying.

My mouth/lips are so dry and no amount of water and lip balms are helping - its so sore as well!

And to end it i accidently stood on my aerochamber and cracked it - and my docs is closed on a tuesday and my other aerochambers are at work so i'll prob need to carry my volumatic around tomorrow or go without - STRESS! honestly and i'm dreading work tomorrow - so not fair!!!

Lauren x

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  • Lots of deep breathes have you heard of ways to de-stress right you might not understand cause Its quiet hard to explain but i shall try. I got taught because I was the one who was always stressing to get things done on time being a carer in a nursing home 51 residents 4 care staff and 2 nurses was no fun. Right any hand look for the center get your other hand and gentley rub circular with your thumb this is suppose to help you relax also if your really stressed this ones makes you look bit silly but hey who cares I didnt when I was stressed deep breathe in whilst doing this either march on the spot or march up and down then blow as if youve just been hit in the belly out as hard as you can and punch the air a repeat this until you feel better and able to get on. Honest it does sound daft but everyone used to just say ohhhhhh look kerryAnne is stressed and let me get it out my system If someone else can explain this better please do because I confuse myself bless.

    Take care and I hope this helps


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