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I should know the answer to this, as a seasoned asthmatic.... But actually now not 100% sure of the answer... I normally take my best peak flow as 350, as for the last couple of years this has where it has sat, however on looking at my medical records recently there have been a couple of occasions when it has been 460 (both readings on the new EU peak flow meter). So wondering if my best peak flow should be 460 rather than the 350. Obviously with a difference of 110 this would alter the points in my action plan considerably... Has anyone any thoughts on this???? I am erring on sticking on the 350 measurement which is what I take as my normal value.

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Your best PEF should be that - your best, as (as you say) it can dramatically alter your action plan levels (especially with 110 diff). However, if you've never blown 460 outside hospital I would clarrify with your nurse/doc/cons what your 'best' should be. My recorded best is the best I have got at home and in hosp. I did get 15 better on holiday in Australia, but decided that didn't count!! And apparently the NHS won't pay for regular holidays to Oz to improve my PEF! :)

Just a couple of thoughts - have you tried a different peak flow meter at home (just in case yours is getting 'stuck'?. Was your 460 after meds?


mine has been the same not, as drastic in drop though, so for instance it was 450 and now im only hitting 400...i have altered my plan as i dont seem to get any higher than 400 any more...

I tend to go by my latest spirometer test, only becuase in clinic i tend to be rather well, that way it is also in my notes and the hospital are aware of what my best lung fuction is on a ""good day""

i dont think my post is actually making any sense other than ramble...i do apologise lol

in say if your peak flow has been that low for longer than 6 months with no change in medication...speak to nurse/cons and query whether you need an increase in medication...otherwise just take it as that is how your lungs are and that is now your new pest peak flow reading.

sorry about the all over shop post :S



Thanks for your thought on this...

I have regular changes in medication as asthma uncontrolled... so think may have to accept the 350 reading as my highest just had a funny five minutes when I read the 460 readings in my medical notes. As far as I can remember the readings where taken at my doctors surgery in the afternoon without any reliever being taken, but with normal preventative medication in the morning.

I could do with prescription holiday to Australia might ask GP in the morning when I see him :)


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