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cats as pets

does anyone know of any cat breed/s, however specialist, that athsmatics don't react to. I have athsma that only effects me when i'm around cats ( or other fluffy dusty things). I'm 31 and live away from home & my mum is desparate to get a cat to keep her company in her old age but doesn't want to prevent me from visiting. I react badly to all cats but I have noticed that siamese and burmese cats barely effect me. i have heard that some breeds do not affect those with allergies & indeed some may have been bred specially avoid causing allergies. can anyone illuminate me. thanks

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New to message board and whilst reading through the various topics came across your request about possible cat breeds that do not cause allergy problems. Like you i am highly allergic to cats, though it doesn't stop me stroking next doors moggys. I am allergic to all animals, but still own a dog, in order that I can cope with my allergic difficulties I make sure that my home is cleaned from top to bottom frequently and all soft furnishings like throws, cushions etc are boiled washed weekly. If i enter someone else's home who has pets that do not follow the same cleaning regime I tend to suffer badly. So perhaps if your mum doesn't mind cleaning before you visit and sofas are covered with throws whilst the cat is about, and when you arrive both cat and throws are removed from the rooms you visit you may well be able to cope. Some time back I did read about a product that could be sprayed onto domestic animals in order to dampen any allergic reaction an allergic person may expereince, The Healthy House Limited sell a pet cleanser which can be sprayed directly on the animal to reduce allergic reactions, it's not cheap just been looking at their site on the internet but your mum could enjoy the pleasure of owning an animal and hopefully you could visit with the least amount of discomfort possible. good luck



I am an allergic asthmatic and have cat allergies - and a cat! so I know a little bit about this topic.

The three breeds that I have heard of are, Siberian Cats, Norwegian Forest Cats and Devonshire Rex (due to lack of hair).

It is usually the protein Fel d 1 found in cats saliva that lingers on their fur when they wash that causes the allergic reaction by humans.

Siberian Cats do not possess this protein and thus are suitable for asthmatics. I think this is the same for Norwegian Forest cats but am not 100% on that. Devonshire Rex are quite ugly but dont have fur so less exposure to the protein I guess.

What you will need to do is to find a reputable breeder and explain your allergies and if possible visit the kittens on several occasions (to check they are pure breed and cause you no reaction) before taking one on.

Pure breed cats can be expensive, a friend of mine just brought a Siberian for £500 but it is a worthwhile investment getting a pedigree if its going to have no impact on your health.


cats as pets

Hi All,

I used to have the same problem only with dogs and short hair cats however I found if i take an allagen tablet that helps and stops my suffering

hope this helps a little


Late Response - Norwegian Forest Cats


Sorry to come to this late, but life has taken me away from the forum for a while.

I was very interested to read your query on cats and the responses from others. I have non allergy based asthma (I have been tested and that's what the chest physician told me) and four Norwegians Forest Cats aka weggies or NFCs. Recently during a period of frantic family activity (my husband died suddenly and unexpectedly) my brother in law who is a medic and allergic to cats came to stay. He took something (sorry I don't know what) and he had no reaction at all. A family friend also spent alot of time here and he is more allergic to cats than anyone else I know, again his Dr had given him something and he had no reaction.

I cannot say whether this these cases are due to the medication the individuals took or the cats. I am sure a reputable NFC breeder - see nfcc.co.uk - would let you visit to see if you reacted to these cats.

If you mother is looking for a cat to give her company then I personally would highly recommend these cats. Of my four, two of the boys are extremely socialable with one being convinced that he is just a teenager in disguise spending as much time as he can with my children and their friends. The cats follow me around the house and garden purring loudly as they just like being with you.

Happy hunting and if you would like any more info send me a PM

Best wishes



Cats as Pets

I have 4 Cats 2 im VERY ALLERGIC 2 AS they are Black and White Common Moggies....I also have 2 Ginger Kittens {well 9mth Old}and i NEVER HAVE A REACTION 2 them

I read in a Magazine that Ginger cats do not have the same dander, that Common Moggies have and worst ones 2 have as pets are B&W, and tabbys....

Wen Ginger Cats lick themselves they dont produce dander stuff that other Cats do....

I also take Antihisamine tablets and Nazel Spr\ay every day....and keep all 4 cats in kitchen/Dinning Room only/All 4 are banned from Living Room,Hallway and Upstairs,,,Much 2 my Husbands Discust....Cass.xx


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