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Weather causing problems

Has anyone else had problems with their asthma since the weather turned cold this week? I've had an attack every day for the last three days, and am stepping round one today all from going outside during the day. I am getting tireder day by day and hubby is threatening to frogmarch me to GP when I know they won't do anything. Work have been v understanding but is rather embaressing for me. I guess I just need to know someone understands, like really coz they've been there.

Thanks, T x

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Hi there TalieHo

Sorry you having a rough time at the moment. Asthma can be triggered or exacerbated by a lot of things and it differs for everyone. Cold weather or changes in weather can certainly be a problem. I've certainly found this over hte past week, and am now back on hte old red smarties and antib's as a result of 4 splats in the last week. There are a number of things you can do when the weather is cold inlcuding - when out always cover your mouth and nose with a scarf so you're not breathing in cold air straight to your lungs, take some ventolin before you go outside to protect your lungs, are you sleeping propped up? this can help aid sleep, stay in the warmth wherever you can, and take it easy as stress can make it worse too!

Hope you feel better soon



Hiya Cal and thanks for replying. Sorry to hear you're not 100% either. I've been using my Bricanyl before going out yesterday and today (have to go out to be able to fetch sandwich from canteen as in different builing). Yesterday had the worst atak of the week :-S today by hobbling like an old lady and using the scarf I just about made it back but had to take inhaler again and sit for 10 to recover. I guess the worst thing is the frustatoin, I feel like I've had to put my life on hold because of the asthma. I usually walk at lunchtime with friends , and have gymclasses and badminton evenings. I have to keep saying I'm not going and beginning to feel like I'm making excuses. I have Brownies tonight, but the Hall is set way back from the road and not sure if I'll make it up there, but don't want to let them all down. Am probably my own worst nightmare. Sorry to waffle on, but I need to get it out my system.

Thanks for listening.

T x


Hi there TalieHo,

Welcome to Asthma UK!

I'm sorry to hear that you're struggling so much. Whilst most asthmatics will experience some worsening around this time of year, especially if they are exposed to very cold air, the fact that you are having so many problems might suggest that your asthma is not as well controlled as it might be.

Looking at the medications that you have listed on your profile, there are many other things that you could try, so it might be worth a visit to your GP to see if there are any changes to your treatment that might help you to cope with these cold days a little better. You shouldn't have to accept daily attacks as part of your life, even when it is this cold, until all the options have been tried in terms of preventative medication.

Hope this helps and you have some success in getting help

Em H


Thanks Emily, I'm intending to spend the weekend cocooned in my bed, and if still having problems next week then will go and see the Doc. Feel bad as have had to give my excuses for Brownies tonight, but better that than risk an attack. Off home now so have agreat weekend.T x


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