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Help during an attack

Hey all

I've got a question to put to you: my new boyfriend is fantastic when I have an asthma attack (which is fairly often, and severe) and is quite competent at giving me the right inhalers or setting me up a neb and knowing when I need what - but, he often says that he feels useless that he can't do anything to help me any more than giving me my meds.

What do you tell your nearest and dearest to do when you have an attack? What do you find they can do to help you?

Thanks in advance

Emz x

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By giving you the meds staying calm and reassurring is the only thing they can do on top of dialling 999. My wife finds it distressing to watch also but just reinforce someone being there is most important for you!!!



Wow, wish my Hubby was that good. I sit holding a blue puffer and spacer whilst trying to sort out the neb myself. They look on in horror especially my brittle asthmatic Son, keeps asking are you ok mum?? Last bad attack nearly gave me a heart attack, wouldn't let the kids come in to see me in hospital as I had wires everywhere. Spoke to them on the phone and said all was ok (didn't want my youngest in a bed next to me on oxygen!). Keeping calm is the only thing that helps me and I use the breathing techniques I used in labour, its really hard to do but it gives me something useful to focus on.

From a person watching on point of view, of which I am also, it's the most scary, crappy thing to have to watch and breaks my heart every time.I tell my Son every thing is fine and in control, ambulance on way and just keep calm.I massage his back which he loves and tell him how much I love him.I Deserve an Oscar for superb acting performance, inside I'm scared to death. Afterwards I tell him how brave he has been.

Kate x


Well I think you have a fab partner, mine is also great. Tell him he is doing his best and you really appreciate his approach. Five gold stars to him is what I say.



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