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Dissertation Update

Hi guys

Posted a while back after ideas for my dissertation about brittle asthma. I have now submitted my topic choice, so wanted to let you guys know what I settled on.

Something along the lines if: ""How brittle asthma is treated in adult populations in an acute setting, and the beliefs and understanding of health care professionals.""

So in a nutshell, I will be reviewing the evidence on how brittle asthma is treated from A&E admission right through to discharge from the ward. I also want to explore what healthcare professionals (doctors, nurses etc) know and believe about brittle asthma, and also how these acute attacks fit in to the background long-term condition.

This sound good to you guys - the people who will hopefully benefit? The aim of the research will be to raise awareness in the people looking after brittle asthmatics in hospital in the hope that we as a patient group can be better understood and treated.

Any comments appreciated,

Cheers, Emz x

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Missed that one, sounds really interesting! Being brittle myself sure I can provide you with lots of stuff about personal experiences. PM me is you want. May be also you might find some useful stuff in one of my online blogs, just a thought!

Cheers Katina


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