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Hi, I'm new to this forum. I just wondered if you could help me. I have one of those Id cards you get off this site thats like a card. But I am after an id bracelet that I can keep my information in like the card. I have found sites for them but they are all US sites. Any help, I would be very grateful. Thanks

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  • you can get bracelets from medicalert, if you got on their website there are loads of designs, the only problem is keeping up with detail changes such as changes in meds.

  • id bracelets

    There's a great website that I use ttp://

  • id bracelets

    Hi this is a good id bracelets website I have bought from.

  • Hi kim if you are on face book take a look at a page called beads and bangles. She makes personalized medical awareness bracelets and they are amazing. I have bought all my of my children a bracelet from her which can be seen in the album. I just said to her that for my eldest son I wanted his name and asthmactic on it and I wanted it to look masculine and his fav colours are red and black. I am in the process of getting her to design a bracelet for me and I am also going to be sending my eldest bracelet back to her as she is going to add new details on to the bracelet for me or I might just get her to make me a new one with the new details on and keep the asthmaic bracelet seperate

    You could also just buy a normal dog tag and get your name engraved on it and add please see USB for medical history and buy a cheap 1mb USB pen and store your emergency details, GP details, Hospital number and all your medical history details on that. This is my next step.

  • Hi Kim and welcome to Auk forum x I wear a sos talisman bracelet and it has a expanding strap like a watch so wont fall off.Do dishes and bath with it on and fab.would recomend glynis xxx

  • Hi Kim,

    I have a medic alert silver bracelet and a medic alert card, the bracelet is great because it looks like a lovely piece of jewellery I have even had colleagues asking me where I got my bracelet from because they wanted one like it.

  • In my opinion those USB ID tags are pretty useless. Most healthcare settings are unlikely to view any files on them for fear of viruses. In some places the computers even have the USB ports disabled as a way of ensuring data protection laws are not broken, as well as preventing the risk of infecting the computer with malware. In an emergency there may not be a computer available to view the files and even if there was it takes much longer to access the files (especially if the computer was off) than it would to unravel a bit of paper or read a wallet card and unfortunately these sometimes go ignored, so imagine how much less likely something requiring another device to read is likely to be used! In my opinion it's much more important to have any vital info such as allergies & illnesses written on an ID, with further info in your wallet or phone (as medic normally check wallets and phones to id a patient and look for emergency contact numbers).

  • I Have had both SOS Talisman and Medic Alert, downside with Medic Alert is that you need to regularly update changes and of course the yearly membership. The SOS Talisman can be a bit fiddly with the small screw top lid and small paper insert which you fill in yourself.

    Being well know to the local little green men, I have found the most successful way of keeping medical information is to keep an up to date letter written by yourself informing medics, of your condition, medications, specialists, GPs and next of kin. This out of everything has proved the most successful and apart from the cost of printer ink and a sheet of paper costs nothing.

  • Hi,

    I'm in the States but just wanted to share. I have medic alert and like it because emergency personel can get a copy of all my meds, medical conditions, and my main doctors if they call. There is only so much room, so it is a good idea to ask your doctor what is the most important info. if there is an emergency. On mine I have ""pacemaker"" and ""call for vital medical info."" as there is way too much to fit on that small space. It was also recommended that I put a call collect number on it, as I like to travel out of country.

    I also was at a conference a few years ago, and asked what was the most important info. and was told that drug allergies, any blood thinners are high on the list as they will probably have time to figure the rest out. Asthma would be too I would think if you have trouble talking when you have an attack.


  • I use a dog tag, yeh it's American site but pay with paypal and I've bought 3 and never been a problem and will use them again

  • I would suggest Medic Alert, they are a really good company. there braclets and necklaces are really strong and not expensive and the one thing i liked about this company is that even people on low income and benefits can get one if you send them proof of being on low income or benefits they will give the ID and membership for free


    absolutely fabulous service from them :) and a bargain xoxo

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