Help raise money for charity without doing any hard work just by searching the net!

Hi guys

Not sure if any of you have come across this yet but its a bit like Google,Msn,Yahoo etc etc its a search engine that raises money for your chosen charity all you have to do it save a few details and select the charity you would like to support and it helps get them money for reasearch and new medicines

I have already signed up and thought I would post a thread for others to see incase they havent already on Asthma UKs homepage

Hope your all well and your Asthma is being Kind

Kind Reagrds

Toria xxx

2 Replies

  • i tried to sign up for this, and am being stupid i think as once i'd signed up it said to go to home page to set up pc so that every click sent money to AUK - and i couldn't find the bit i was supposed to go to, so i fear i am registered but not helping!

  • Just click on ""Make Homepage"" - it's the little house at the top-right of any page on the site.

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