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asthma and schools!

i am currently finishing off the second year to my 2 year course of GCSEs and since i have been at my secondry school teachers,TAs and medical staff have all failed to understand what it means to have asthma.

instead of helping me in an asthma attack then send me back to my lesson and tell me to stop ""faking it"".Asthma attacks have occured more than a few times with me and at one stage i would have at least two or three a week due to the school having so much dust and dirt around due to building work.

My friend told me about the asthma attack card so i later ordered one of this site and they still fail to recgonise the symptoms of an asthma attack and still accuse me of failing it.the last attack i had before was back in november and was the day of an important exam that would count towards my final mark the school nurse tried to tell me i was putting it on, so i returned to class as i knew it was warmed and would be better than sitting being shouted at by the time i got to class it was over and a friend found me almost on the floor nearly collasping needing help to breathe and walk two friends pratically had to help me carry my own body weight as i just couldnt walk and i'm not classed as fat from an asthmatic point of view when i got to the nurse the second time round they still wouldnt do anything by the time they called my mum it was over an hour later and i lost all feeling in my body and couldn't even feed myself my inhaler.

I was just wondering if anyone had any advise as the only support i seem to get from the school is my head of year and my tutor because they have seen them happen every other teacher just cant see about how much i need the help during the attack.My parents have threatened to sue the school as they arent doing their job properly when i go to for medical assiatance and at first they seemed bothered and whenever we try to get anywhere with the school understanding asthma we just get back to square one.

if anyone has any adivse or ideas i would be greatful as i know i'm not the only person in the school with over two thousand students i know theres going to be others and i don't want them to suffer the way i have done over the past four years so like i said if anyone has any advice or have the same trouble with their childs school or their own school then please reply as i would be intrested to know the way other secondry schools treat children with asthma

many thanks

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Genuinely sorry to learn of your difficulties you have experienced at your school I am shocked by what you have written, I have only recently been diagnosed as an asthmatic and having had two visits to A&E and been on high doses of pred I know what it is like to have attacks and need help. I work for a professional organisation and can only say the first thing that comes to mind is the words 'Duty of Care' and Health and Safety. Surely the school should have first aid trained staff who should be helping you and allowing proper medical experts to decide if you really are 'Faking it'.

I would suggest that you discuss this with your parents with the head and if not then the school governing board, after that take it to the education authority. I have also found the following link which may help. I hope you get more help and wish you all the best.

Feel free to PM if you need any further advice.


I am sorry to hear that you have difficulties. I recently switched schools, but in my old school they were really helpful when it came to my ashtma. The coaches asked if they could keep an inhaler on them when i was practicing just in case i would really need it. Everyone were very understanding. It was a big school, 1500 kids. My new school is significantly smaller, just over 200 students. I found this surprising, but they actually have signs in most classrooms on how to treat asthma, and what early signs are, and when to get help. They only have this for asthma, not for any other diseases. Also my school is very strict on allergies, we are not allowed to bring nuts on to school ground for example. Try talking to the head of school about putting signs up for example, so that everyone can know how and when to treat it if it becomes really bad.

Hope things go better for you in the future



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