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Am appt looms!

Hellooo, Am bit nervous well quite a lot nervous have got toothache, its a back tooth that has been filled many a time and oft and i think when i go on Tuesday they might suggest taking it out. Am worried because the last time i had a tooth out i bled profusely and had to have stitches. My asthma wasn't as bad then it was a while back but now i'm a brittle asthma girl. Oh dear am worried because the chair will be reclined and i am wheezy when i lie down and am worried in case i need to neb mid treatment.

Its a new dentist too my previous dentist has retired, am scared in case he gets scared of my barking cough and calls for green men when actually all i need is 2 nebs and to sit up. my old dentist knew me and trusted my judgement when wheezy. Oh dear, at least the worrying about my asthma is taking my mind of the worry of the dental work!. How do fellow brittles cope at the dentist? Maybe i'm just being a worry bean and it will be okay. Thanks, a worried Lois

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I'm not brittle but i do always talk to the dentist first and explain that I might need to stop to use my inhaor/spacer and not to worry but to listen to what i'm saying and they are normally fine.

A few weeks ago i had to go to the emergency dental hospital which made me even worse and it took a few minutes for me to feel comfortable enough to sit back but i just explained about my asthma etc and they do understand.



Also got a dentist appointment on monday. I havent been for a while and am going to a new dental practice. Ive got brittle asthma and the last time i went to the dentist was to have a wisdom tooth removed. Ouch! So also not looking forward to going. Havent got any tips but im promising myself a nice treat afterwards. Well when ive recovered. Goodluck and heres to not being carted off in a white boxed flashy light vehicle!


dental appointments

Hi Lois,

I have pretty bad asthma, and am also going through some pretty epic dentistry at present. It is a Horrible necessity!

If they are going to take the tooth out, they wont do it on monday, unless you already had a long enough appointment booked, as there won't be time.

If they do take a tooth out, you will get stiches, (the front of my mouth looks black with them at present). If you are really nervous you should discuss all this with the dentist at the appointment on monday. When i had my front tooth out I nearly didn't turn up for the appointment, then the dentist prescribed Lorezepam (ativan). It made the whole thing much much easier, and because I wasn't stressed out, my asthma was okay. I would, whatever happens take some Salbutamol before your appointment on monday, and explain everything to the dentist before he starts doing anything at all. Lots of Asthmatics have serious tooth problems, I think this is due to mouth breathing and also steroid inhalers.

Everyone here seems to have a bad time at the dentist!!!

good luck,

feel free to pm me if you want anyother info




I am Brittle and In March I had to go and Have a filling and I am Petrified Of Dentists. It was the First Time I had ever had anyting reomotely important done with him. I Rang him up about a week before I went in And explained my situation to him. I asked Him About keeping the chair up and he was fine. with it. I also told him about my complete fear of needles and he said I could Hve entenox but would Need to come in beforehand. The Last Time I had anything Done at the dentist I was getting teethout for a brace and when The dentist was giving the Needle He Really hurt me and even Daddy was yelling for him to stop but aparrently that is really rare but i ended up having a panic attack and little green men. Needless to say I quickly changed Dentists. The Only advice I can Give Is to ring beforehand and explain to him that you do have problems and would Lke the chair to be put up and that you do trust you jugdgement as to when you are bad and need help.If you do think you will need nebs-tell him beforeyou go in. If you are tending to bleed alot, Your new Dentist should Have that on Record From previous one and should Be able to do somethin about it. I found aswell my ipod helped quite alot as I was able to concentrate on it.

Hope this Helps and that all goes well!

pm me if you need anything else!



Hey Lois

I too am brittle and have dentis appt on monday(tomorrow) but im only having a check up thankfully but i always let my dentist know how my chest is feeling before i get into the chair and she also knows not to lay me back too far so i can breathe.

I hope everythng is ok for you and try not to stress too much as it will make your chest tight.

Good luck.



I had a back tooth out at dentist couple of months ago didn't need stitches. It came out in several bits and was cracked into pieces anyway. The dentist double booked the appointments so could treat other patients in the other room if i needed a rest, didn't put chair all the way back and was basically brilliant. The only thing he said was to set my neb up first so it was ready if i needed it.

Had no problems despite expecting them!


Thanks everybody for the advice, tooth stopped hurting now! But am still going to the dentist, will let you know how i get on. Am going to have neb in the car before i go in and am going to try hard not to get stressed so i don't make my asthma worse (easier said than done). Thanks again, will let you know how i get on - appt not till 1.30 pm on Tues, will try not to think about it too much...


Yippee! Just had a filling and didn't get wheezy, am sooo relieved, treated myself to new book read that in the waiting room and listened to my daughters i-pod to stop me focusing on the fear and was fine. Thanks everybody for the advice and support, a happy Lois xx


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