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Oh dear...Red face

Just when i thought i had got used to nebbing in public.... in M&S i got asked to put my cigarette out - It was my Omron! and then one of my dearest friends asked me not to neb in front of his grandaughter in case it scared her. Hmmm, think me going blue lipped and gray faced might actually be more scary. My routine nebs i can have in 'private' because i can plan around them but because my asthma is brittle i can be fine one minute and too wheezy to talk or walk the next. So i tend to neb wherever i am and not move to a less 'embarassing' place. Never mind, i wish there was a magic wand that made asthma go away! Tommorow is another day.... not as wheezy as this one! A happier for sharing this with you Lois

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Lois, I've had this before when nebbing in the cinema! Even after me waving the neb at her, she was still not entirely convinced that I wasn't smoking or 'doing drugs'. I also once got pulled up by a security guard and questioned in the manager's office at a service station, because I was nebbing in their cafe - it was just after the 7th July London bombings and they thought my Omron was some sort of terrorist device (they also sighted the fact that I was wearing sunglasses - while driving, in July - as very suspicious)!

Like you, I've pretty much got over my embarrassment about nebbing or using oxygen in public - by necessity - but there are still occasional events that can be difficult to deal with!

Take care



HI Lois

When my daughter was smaller she used to beg me to park near a lampost because she used to like to watch as people then walk into it whilst staring at me using the neb!!! But now shes more worried that i'ld be mugged!!

How times change.



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