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Re: caesarean section may cause asthma in children

Both my sons were born via C-section; number 1 due to a 44-hour prolonged labour with severe complications, and number 2 due to number 1's failure to appear! Yet it's number 2 who has asthma, but was an elective C-section. He had bronchiolitis at 10 weeks old and has had breathing difficulties ever since - and we've been told time and time again the bronchiolitis was the cause; nothing to do with being the product of a C-section.

I suffered severe post-natal depression after my eldest son's birth, which affected me very badly and was the reason we waited so long to try for number 2. It hit me again after number 2, although not so badly.

I really, really object to being told by some academic who has probably no actual experience of birth/PND etc that my having to have a C-section may have caused my son's chronic asthma; obviously I don't carry enough guilt re 'not being able to have a 'proper' delivery' (I've heard this from everyone from a gynae specialist to my so-called friends!!!) so have to have more heaped upon me.

BAH HUMBUG - WHAT A LOT OF PIFFLE!!!! Please excuse my rant - but really......!

A very unhappy twice C-sectioned mummy.

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I had 3 very different deliveries - my first was induced 27 hr labour and delivered by ventouse - no asthma. 2nd quick natural birth no pain meds- asthma requiring steroid inhalers 3rd c- section due to size and breech presentation - no asthma!!

I too get incredibly annoyed with these sweeping statements made. It does nothing for a womens self esteem being told they could be to blame just because they were unable to deliver normally they dont need it. I also suffered from PND after all 3 births ironically worst after the 2nd(but there were other major health probs for me) so i really know where u are coming from.

I have to admit i tend to switch off now as i also couldn't feed any of my babies for various reasons so have also been on that guilt trip.

read then ignore!!! take care and please DONT feel guilty. Hugs xx


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